What Knife Does Giada Use

What Knife Does Giada Use? Find The Best Quality Giada Knife.

Giada De Laurentiis, the famous Italian-American chef, uses a specific knife like the other professional chefs, proving her better comfort and accelerating her quality cutting capability.

The knife Giada uses is a handmade Italian knife, that is a Berti knife or a Mezzaluna knife and it is costlier than other knives. This knife feels and fits anyone’s hand perfectly and cuts really nice. So, not wasting any time, let’s get to the topic of “what knife does Giada use.”

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Coltellerie Berti 9" Chef's Knife | Ivory Lucite Handles
Coltellerie Berti Santoku Knife | Red Lucite Handle
Coltellerie Berti 9" Chef's Knife | Ivory Lucite Handles
Coltellerie Berti Santoku Knife | Red Lucite Handle
Coltellerie Berti 9" Chef's Knife | Ivory Lucite Handles
Coltellerie Berti 9" Chef's Knife | Ivory Lucite Handles
Coltellerie Berti Santoku Knife | Red Lucite Handle
Coltellerie Berti Santoku Knife | Red Lucite Handle

What Knife Does Giada Use?

The lady chef Giada De Laurentiis had a separate fan Bess in her youth. Their multiple reasons to follow a great chef, the most important is the skill of cutting and slicing onions and other things.

But without a proper knife, she may be can’t show her proper skill of cutting because a knife is the most important thing for a chef, for everybody wants to know the knife she uses to show her skills.

She uses Italian-made Berti knives. It’s a forged knife. She likes this knife because it is handmade and has a smooth finish all around.

The Berti knives blades are made of high-quality stainless-steel material. Additional elements such as chromium, vanadium, and carbon ensure the blade’s hardness, flexibility, and stain-resistant. These materials help to remain rust-proof and sharpen as the new for a long time.

Berti knives come with full-tang handles, and these are Lucite handles. On the handles, there are tipple rivets to give the handle more strength to remain attached with the steel bar. The handle is very grippy and provides comfort to small and large-handed people.

Giada uses mostly the 9inch version of this Berti knife to easily fit on her hand and for easy angle movement for a better cut. You can try the other sizes to have your comfort and fit.

The price of these Berti knives is very much costly. But the cut and the slicing are very much easy to do with this fabulous knife. And I hope you understand why she uses this knife and why people want to know what knife Giada uses.

Berti Knife Usage

Berti knives are mainly used for slicing and curving. Giada also does the same work with this knife to have the best cut. The pointed tip of the blade is straight as a nail to easily get into any surface and the sharp blade breaks through the skin easily.

These knives easily slice fruit, vegetables, and roast.

How To Cut Like Giada?

Although there is not much difference between Giada and us, she uses some cutting techniques that make her the best. Let me show her techniques so that you can cut and slice like her.

First, grip the handle as tight as possible so as not to slip, and pick the knife a little bit at the down angle after that, cut the food with the middle part of the blade because it remains more sharpened than the other side.

Give force as the food is and use the knife back and forward to cut through the food. The blade’s angle, force, and sharpness will help to do the cutting work easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to take care of Berti knives?

Ans: taking care of Berti knives is very much important to keep them stain-resistant and rust-proof. So that it can provide you with a long-term service.

The first thing you should do is not to keep the knife in water for a long time or keep the knife in the mess. After cutting with the knife, clean the knife with warm water and dry or clean the knife with a towel. Also, don’t try to keep the knife for air dry.

How to sharpen Berti knives?

Ans: sharpening Berti knives is as usual as the other knife. You can try the old effective method of sharpening the knife with a whetstone. Also, you can try home knife sharpener and honing steel gadgets, which are also effective as the whetstone method.

Use one of them twice a year, or you can sharpen the knife before any heavy cut.

What is Giada De Laurentiis best known for?

Ans: Giada De Laurentiis is a Cordon Bleu-trained chef. She is mainly known for her cooking shows. Where she presents her simple Italian dishes with various recipes that look modern, are healthy, and taste awesome.

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Every chef has a different cutting style; they use a specific knife which gives them very much comfort and helps them cut how they want. I showed you, Giada uses Berti knives for comfort and precious cuts.

Also, I will give you some other point-to-point details; I hope you will get helped by those. Thank you.

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