What Knife Does Alton Brown Use? Let’s Find Out!

Mr. Alton Crowford Brown Jr [ Alton Brown ] is a famous American chef known for being a chef, food show presenter, and television personality. As a famous personality with greater skills on the knife, he had great followers, and they wanted to know about his knives through which he expressed his skills.

What Knife Does Alton Brown Use

He revealed all these showings on YouTube, network television shows, and various blogs and got us to know that he mainly uses Japanese knives. Let’s know other crucial details on Alton Brown’s knife.

Alton Brown Knife

Alton Brown is great in his point of view; he thinks a chef should only use a knife or blade when necessary. Therefore, he suggests strong types of knives for cutting strong kinds of cooking objects.

That’s why he uses Japanese chef knives, boning knives, paring knives from the Nenohi brand, and things; it’s a perfect combination while making a kind of dish, and he has been showing his greater skills with these knives for years.

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As Alton Brown uses Japanese-made chef knives, boning knives, and paring knives. These knives are mainly handmade and have a long slim shape and blade. Also, it is lightweight and delicate to provide better slicing and chopping of vegetables, meat, and fish.

Japanese knives are mostly made of stainless steel. This material won’t stain the knife and keep them shining. They are well sharped and durable and mostly have 55+ Rockwell hardness. Also, these knives are very strong build quality and easily cut through heavy objects.

These knives come in an ergonomic design handle. The gripes of these kinds of knives are really impressive. They have a finger shape at their handle to maintain better grip and holding. These materials knives are antibacterial. These won’t cut notorious while chopping vegetables, foods, and meats.

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Japanese Knife Usage According to Alton Brown

As he used and recommended three knives: chef knives, boning knives, and paring knives. These three are used for different purposes.

Chef Knife

This knife effectively slices and chops through things and easily slices vegetables, meat, and fruits.

Boning knife

This knife had a really thin blade, and the point seemed straight like a nail. Also, the blade is very flexible to slice through things, and peeling skin or taking meat out of bone is easy.

Paring knife

This knife is also called a utility knife. It’s very useful to peel off the skin, and cutting smaller things is easy.

How to Cut Like Alton Brown

It’s not much difficult to cut as Alton Brown. While slicing, he grips the handle with his all fingers, which helps to maintain the angle and helps to put pressure on cutting easily.

Note: while slicing, he uses the middle part of the blade for better results.

While peeling or breakthrough skin, other hands put his four fingers on the grip and one finger put on the blade head to have great balance and get a better curve slice.

Note: while breaking through the skin, he uses the upper or front part of the blade to have a better result.

What Knife Does Alton Brown Use?

Alton Brown is very interested in Japanese cutlery. Japanese knives have a long and slim shape. They are lightweight and have slim blades. Mr. Alton chooses Nenohi knives among all.

Nenohi knives steels are stain-resistance. They are made of High Carbon Stain Resistance Alloy. Handles are made of Linen Micarta. They are 6 to 12 inches long. Thick and thin, both types of knives are available.

What Does Alton Call the Proper Knife Grip?

Alton pays a lot of attention to the grip. If you are not comfortable with the grip, you cannot use the blade for a long time without a break. This may hamper your work and time.

Alton mentions, “No for most cutting jobs in which the knife comes in contact with the board, and that, of course, is most of the time I use the pinch. It’s okay if you pinch the blade between the thumb and forefinger.”

How Often Does Alton Brown Suggest Honing Your Knives?

Ans: Sharpening the blade is so important. Because first, it hampers the work, and second, it reduces the service life of the knife. A knife loses its sharpness on long-term use. So, we have sharpened them again and again when it needs.

According to Alton Brown, if you like to keep your knives sharp and maintain edges regularly, use a sharpener once or twice a year, or if you use it for professional work, use a sharpener every month.


Choices differ from person to person. Different chefs prefer different kinds of knives. Most chefs consider chef’s knives over other knives. Various kinds of shape knives are available on the market.

Here Mr. Alton Brown prefers Japanese knives and chooses Nenohi knives for comfort and quality. I hope this article will help to understand about Alton Brown knife. Thank you.

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