What is Pakkawood? Making, Uses in 2022

Pakkawood is now a commonly used name as it is widely used in knives, tools, and utensils as handles. The question of what it is and how it is manufactured emerges. Naturally, it comes to mind that it is made from a Pakka tree. 

It is not like that at all. Pakkawood is human-made from wood, resin, and dyes. I will guide you through all the information about what is Pakkawood, its uses, and other faqs.

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What is Pakkawood?

Pakkawood is like plywood made artificially. Generally, hardwood is pressed first, and then the wood is laminated by epoxy resin. To give attractive color, different colors of dye are used. It shines the natural wooden pattern of the wood. 

Some Pakkawood is made by sticking a low-cost hardwood with an expensive wood peal. Resin is used to glue them together and press them. The dyes make it attractive. 

How is Pakkawood Made?

The making process of Pakkawood is simple. It is quite similar to making plywood. Firstly, strong wood veneers are taken. They are joined together layer by layer with epoxy resin.

When the resin is applied firmly, the Pakkawood is pressed in a hydraulic press. Then the outside of the Pakkawood is laminated with resin. This process makes the Pakkawood water-resistant. 

For Great pattern and color, the outside veneers are taken from expensive wood. For additional color and pattern, dye is used. 

Where Does Pakkawood Come From? 

Pakkawood making is quite an ancient craft. We can see it coming from ancient Egypt. In the tombs of renowned Pharaohs, the knives were decorated with Pakkawood material.

From then to this time, Pakkawood making has become more efficient, and it has been engineered to be strong and last for long periods. 

Why is Pakkawood so Renowned?

Ordinary wood becomes swells or warps when exposed to water. It can not hold its shape. So, when ordinary wood is used in knives or tools, it can’t be washed frequently, and ordinary wood absorbs moisture from the air. As a result, the handles do not last for long. 

On the other hand, Pakkawood is resistant to water. It can be washed and will not deform or split. It lasts for a long time. The appearance is also charming. All these factors made Pakkawood so renowned and a popular choice for handles. 

Uses of Pakkawood

There is a wide variety of use for Pakkawood. Some most popular ones are mentioned below: 

Knives handle

Pakkawood is frequently used as a knife handle. Knives are used in the kitchen, so they must be resistant to water. This requirement makes Pakkawood an ideal choice for knife handles. Pakkawood also gives the knife an aesthetic look. 

Cooking Equipment

As pans or other utensils needs to be washed, Pakkawood is a popular choice here. It makes the cooking equipment last for a long time. 

Military equipment

Military equipment needs to be reliable and strong. Where wood needs to be used, Pakkawood is frequently used. It is widely used in stocks of rifles.

Tactical Knife

Tactical knives need to be strong and durable. Pakkawood is a must here. 

Pool Cues

Pool cues are precise material and need to be strong. They must be resistant to sweat and water. So, they are often made with Pakkawood. 

Is Pakkawood Food Safe? 

Pakkawood is completely food safe. It is made with resin which is safe for food. The dyes are also safe. Additionally, it is very stable and does not react with any substance. So Pakkawood is food safe. 

Is Pakkawood waterproof or Can I soak Pakkawood in water for a long time? 

Although Pakkawood is resistant to any kind of split or warp due to water, you should not soak your Pakkawood in water for a long time. The resins will wash away if they are submerged in water for an extended period of time. So, try not to soak your Pakkawood in water for a long time to increase its life. 

How do I care for Pakkawood utensils? 

Pakkawood is not dishwasher safe. You have to wash them by hand. Also, use mild soap, or it will damage your Pakkawood resin. Do not use any steel wools while washing. Use a soft and gentle sponge. 

Is Pakkawood dishwasher safe? 

Pakkawood is not dishwasher safe. The water splash of water in the dishwasher will damage the Pakkawood. It is better to wash them with your hands and dry them quickly. 

What is Dymondwood or Staminawood? 

Dymondwood or Staminawood is another name for Pakkawood. Ordinary hardwood is pressed and laminated with resin. Then dye is added for color. This is how Dymondwood or Staminawood is made. 


Pakkawood has become popular in the last two decades. It is great human-made wood and lasts for a long time. The aesthetic views it add makes your tool look premium. I’ve covered everything there is to know about Pakkawood and how to use it in this article. I hope you found this article useful.

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