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Proctor Silex Food Chopper: 72500RY Vs. Konblimc! Which One Is The Best?

We all have the experience that cutting and chopping vegetables and spices takes a huge amount of cooking time. Whether you cook in your house or a restaurant, chopping garlic, onion, tomato, etc. consumes half of the time in cooking.

For this circumstance, an automatic electric chopper is a beneficial assistance that saves your time and labor. It is good to have extra time to only focus on cooking rather than chopping.

Suppose you ever wonder which chopper or food Processor brand and their products will be a handy choice. In that case, I will definitely suggest you Proctor Silex Food Chopper, and another one is Konblimc Food Processor & chopper. So let’s discuss the comparison between their two famous models Proctor Silex 72500RY Vs Konblimc Mini Food Processor.

Brand Overview: Konblimc & Proctor Silex

Proctor Silex makes household appliances from the beginning. Now, it has a vast collection of appliances starting from Air Friers to Bathroom Scales.

In 1960, Proctor Electric and the Silex Company joined together and made Proctor Silex Co. NACCO Industries Inc brought Proctor Silex in 1988. In 1990, it was merged with Hamilton Beach Brands. Besides that they are well known for their Proctor Silex Food Chopper, Air Friers, and other food-related machines and applications.

Proctor Silex is a world-class brand in the cooking and kitchen field; we all know that, but Konblimc is also famous for kitchen items. Konblimc is a multi-item producing brand, they are well known for their home decoration items, kitchen & dining, Bathroom Mats, etc.

Similarities: Konblimc Mini Food Processor & ProctorSilex 72500 RY

Build Material & Blade Material:

The Proctor Silex 72500RY is made of durable plastic. It is hard plastic with a smooth finish. Taking it on hand gives a premium feel, and it is not prone to breaking or warping. This 72500ry food processor uses stainless steel blade, and that makes it more durable and rust-proof. You don’t have a fear of metal particles taking part in your vegetables.

The Konblimc chopper also uses a plastic body with stainless steel blades.  It is small and durable. The blades are very sharp and cut through every vegetable. It is perfect for tiny spaces.

Transparent Cup:

The Proctor Silex 72500 has a plastic cup that contains the vegetable and ingredients needed to cut. It has a capacity of 1.5 us cups or 375 ml.

The cup is transparent, so you can see through how much you need to chop the vegetable. It really helps to detect and have a track on your chopping. On the other hand, it gives you more control.

The Konblimc chopper also uses a transparent plastic cup of only 250ml. It is durable and dishwasher-safe. The transparency gives you additional control over how much to chop or cut, like Proctor-Silex 72500.


The 72500RY is very lightweight and portable. It is only 1 pound, and you can lift it with ease. It uses power through an electric cable. So, you need to use it beside an electric socket. Power cable makes it a little bit less portable than Konblimc.

The Konblimc Mini Food Processor is more lightweight than Proctor 72500RY, and it uses battery power. It is also smaller. So, you can use it anywhere anytime. The battery is 1500 mAh and will give you a perfect run time.


Both of the machines are very easy to clean. The base and motor, the cup, blades, and lid everything comes off, and we can easily wash these by hand or set them in the dishwasher.

They are both dishwasher-safe. But be careful not to put the motor in the dishwasher or wash it with water.

Dissimilarities: Proctor Silex 72500RY Vs Konblimc Mini Food Processor

Power Usage:

The Proctor 72500RY uses a powerful 70-watt motor. This motor, along with the stainless-steel blades, cuts through everything easily. It makes your chopping and grinding smoother. But the extra powerful motor makes somewhat of a negligible noise.

The Konbimc uses battery power, so the motor is only 30 watts. But less power gives additional advantages. It makes the tool more lightweight and portable. A less powerful motor makes less noise. But it cuts through most vegetables easily.

Charging Facility:

The konblimc food processor uses a battery of 1500mAh. So we can use it everywhere without the need to worry about power. You do not need to have a socket nearby.

On the other hand, the Proctor 72500RY doesn’t have a battery. It runs on direct cable power. It is a disadvantage that you need to look for a power socket every time you use it.

Cup Size:

The Proctor 72500 uses a little bit larger cup. The cup has a capacity of 375ml. It stores a pretty good amount of materials, and the transparency gives us an additional advantage.

The other one uses a cup of less capacity. It only stores 250ml of material. It is small in size, and for those who want to use a chopper for household cooking, it will be a perfect match for them.


The Proctor Silex 72500 is a lot cube-shaped. The base and the motor are at the bottom, and there is an extra compartment beside it. The cup is locked on the base and placed the lid on top. We have to twist the cap clockwise to start chopping and counterclockwise to stop.

The Konblimc food processor is a lot cylindrical shaped. The cup stays at the bottom, and the motor is installed on the top. There is a button on the top. Pressing and holding it starts the chopping and releasing it stops.

After discussing the similarities and dissimilarities, we need to have a quick glance at the pros and cons of both.

Proctor Silex Food Chopper 72500ry

1. Lightweight and durable.
2. Powerful motor with sharp stainless-steel blades.
3. Transparent cup.
4. Easy operating, pulse speed control.
5. Easy to set up and unmount parts.
6. Dishwasher safe.
7. Small and portable.
8. Don’t throw, spit or spray ingredients.
1. Uses a cable for power.
2. Makes a little bit of noise

Konblimc Mini Food Processor

1. Lightweight, small, and durable.
2. Uses only one button.
3. Portable and rechargeable.
4. Transparent cup.
5. Powerful 30 watt motor with stainless steel blades.
6. Comes with a brush and garlic peeler.
7. Dishwasher safe.
8. Doesn’t leak.
1. Need to charge.

The verdict:

Both products are very amazing in their field. They do their jobs pretty well. But in comparison, the konblimc is rechargeable and lightweight. It is very effortless to use also. The design is simple, and it is extremely easy to clean. Because of the battery usage, it is highly portable and compact. But the motor is not that powerful, and the cup size is small also. So if you want to cut only soft ingredients like onion, and garlic it is a perfect match.

The proctor silex 72500ry is a little bit bulky in comparison to another one. But it is also a very good product. It uses a 70-watt motor and can cut through every ingredient. But the cup’s plastic and lid often break. On the other hand, it uses a power cable for operation.

In my experience, I think the konblimc is more efficient for chopping and processing than the Proctor Silex 72500. If you are confused, you can definitely go for the item. But 72500 is also a fine product. If you have used Proctor silex products before, you can go for the 72500. Both of them do their job as outstanding as they say.

Is Proctor Silex a trustworthy brand?

Proctor Silex co. is a very old brand on the market, and now it competes with top brands like KitchenAid. It is giving top-notch quality products since 1960. So, definitely, it is a trustworthy brand, and you can buy its products.

Is buying a food processor really worth it?

Undoubtedly, YES. Preparation work for cooking takes a lot of time and labor. Adding a food processor to your appliances will make your work delicate and effortless. Also, your hands are free from the stains of onion and garlic. On the contrary, it is definitely worth buying a food processor for your household cooking work.

Can I chop boiled chicken with Proctor Silex Mini Food Processor?

If you cut the chicken into small pieces, you can chop them quickly. Cutting down in small pieces will even out the chopping. The machine uses a powerful motor along with very sharp blades. So, cutting boiled chicken would be very easy for it.


Having modern items at home makes your life comfortable. These two machines also make our preparation work for cooking 50% done. If you are wondering whether to buy one for yourself or not, I would suggest definitely going for them.

They aren’t that expensive, and you can buy them for 15 dollars. I hope this article helps you to solve your confusion and curiosity.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned with Cookingisbelleza. Happy cooking!

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