Lodge Cast Iron Casserole Dish Vs Pyrex

Lodge Cast Iron Casserole Dish Vs Pyrex- Which Is Better Casserole Dish?

Casserole lovers, are you still using the monster baking pans to make your favorite casserole meal?

Well, you don’t need to. Because a casserole dish can easily tackle every cooking task. This dish is used for cooking weeknight casserole meals; at the same time, it serves the story. It comes in a shallow design yet is durable, strong, and stylish.

When there is plenty of cookware in this category, it feels mixed up to pick the perfect one. Among them, Lodge cast iron and Pyrex are the most widely discussed casserole dishes. Both are excellent dishes, but which one you will invest in. Here, we have compiled a comparison of Lodge Cast Iron VS Pyrex Casserole Dish so that you can make a worthwhile selection.

Lodge Cast Iron Casserole Dish Vs Pyrex: Comparison Chart

No doubt, warm and bubbly casseroles are the ultimate family-friendly meal. Whether you are making tuna noodles, lasagna, cheesy mac, or stew, a casserole dish is the easiest way to maneuver. If you want to get a user report, Lodge Cast Iron is a versatile cooking kit, and Pyrex is the #1 glass bakeware. Both brands have been trending for over 100 years, so there is no suspicion of their quality.

Similarities: Lodge Cast Iron Vs Pyrex Casserole Dish

You can make any variety of casseroles with these Lodge cast iron and Pyrex casserole dishes. They are the best casserole dish for hob and ovenhere are some similarities between them:

Elegant Design

Lodge cast iron is a round casserole dish with Caribbean Blue finishes, and Pyrex comes in a rectangular shape with a clear appearance. Both dishes look stunning while served at the table, and your guests will definitely impress with the glimpse. The Lodge cast is enabled in two more fun colors: off-white and spicy red.

Even Cooking

Lodge cast iron’s unparalleled heat distribution cooks the food evenly, and its heat retention ability keeps the food warm till the end of dinner. Also, the dish has built-in natural porcelain with a smooth glass surface that makes it non-stick to eliminate the need for seasoning, and it doesn’t react to the taste.

Pyrex heats slowly and evenly, which is the main secret of cinnamon rolls or brownies. But the heat retention is much longer than the metal dish. The glass lid keeps the food warm for a lengthy period. Even cooking saves the energy of cooking.

Simple Navigation

Lodge cast iron and Pyrex both are dishwasher-proof, so it is easy enough to clean and use again right away. Since both have non-stick surfaces, you can effortlessly clean them by hand. Even if there is a slight burn around the sides, a bit of scrub can quickly come off. Don’t worry about the glaze as they are scratch-resistant, and you will get the original appearance after every wash.

Lid and Handles

Lodge cast iron and Pyrex are the best casserole dishes with a lid. They seal tightly to lock the moisture. It helps to cook faster and keep the warm casserole longer. The lodge dish has a stainless steel knob, and Pyrex has a glass knob to remove the lid handily.

Both dishes have wider handles for a better grip. The grip is important while removing the dish from the oven. But in the oven and storage, they grab more space than its actual size.

Dissimilarities: Lodge Cast Iron Casserole Dish Vs Pyrex

Although Lodge Cast Iron and Pyrex are casserole dishes, there are huge differences between them. Let’s find out.


The core material makes a huge variation between the two dishes. Lodge cast iron is made of stainless steel, and Pyrex is glass cookware. In the case of durability, the Lodge cast iron is the definite conqueror. Using the dish, you can marinate, cook, serve and store the leftover in the refrigerator. It is like the workhorse in the kitchen, which is ready for any task.

Pyrex is one of the prettiest glass casserole dishes with a lid, and it is strong yet like other glass. If it drops or gets sudden temperature change, it will break or be explored. However, Pyrex is safe in the microwave, freezer, and refrigerator. Always preheat the microwave before putting the dish and never give thermal shock; otherwise, it will be shattered.


Lodge cast iron is an expensive casserole dish but the versatility and longevity are truly worth the money. With proper maintenance, you can use it for a lifetime. On the contrary, Pyrex is from the inexpensive category. It is useful bakeware and pretty standard for the dining table.

Heat Capacity 

Lodge cast iron has more heat capacity than Pyrex bakeware. As Lodge cast iron casserole dish has a metal ingredient, you can utilize it in a broil, braise, oven, stovetop, or even induction. It can endure up to 500 degrees F., so you don’t have to worry about the heat-resistant capacity.

Pyrex is an oven-safe casserole dish with a lid, but its heat capacity is not as similar as Lodge cast iron. It is not trusted up to 450 degrees F. Less heat tolerance has shortened the usage like you can not cook in broiler or stovetop. Moreover, your dish may go “boom” with the excessive heat in the oven.

Size and Shape

How many you can serve depends on the casserole dish sizes. Lodge cast iron comes in 11.75” diameters and 2.13” deeper, which can hold up 3.5 quarts. When it is not about depth, the dish performs excellently – think of gravy meatballs, creamy risottos, or fish curry.

Pyrex rectangular casserole dish with lid has a standard width and depth that can hold up approximately 3.7 quarts. This dish is suitable for serving 4 to 6 people.

Lodge Cast Iron Casserole Dish

1.Durable and sturdy construction.
2. Colorful and stunning design.
3. Up to 500-degree heat endurance.
4. Unparalleled heat retention.
5. Suitable for serving 4 to 6 people
1.Expensive Price.
2. A little bit heavy.

Pyrex Casserole dish

1. Easy to clean and operate.
2. Provides good grip with larger handles.
3. The glass dish and lid keep warm food longer.
4. Inexpensive.
5. Lightweight.
1.Shallow design.
2. Not suitable for broil, stovetop, or induction.

Verdict: Which one is better?

Lodge cast iron and Pyrex are both covered casserole dishes, and they are made from two different materials: one is metal, and the other is glass.

Pyrex is an affordable option that you can make. It is strong enough, and the glaze is also impressive. The transparent appearance allows you to see the food layers from the sides, which is very satisfying. But it can be shattered and broken incidentally.

Comparing the durability, heat-resistant, and versatility, the Lodge cast iron is the best casserole dish. If you want a splash of color on your table, it can be a great choice. But the price can be a big drawback, but the reliability is worth the money. If your budget matches, the Lodge Cast Iron is a long-lasting investment.


Casserole dish set with lid is handy equipment to make and enjoy casseroles at any time. In this article, you have already realized the benefits and drawbacks of the Lodge cast iron and Pyrex casserole dish. This will help you out to get the ideal bakeware for your kitchen.

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