KitchenAid Mixer glass bowl Vs Stainless Steel

KitchenAid Mixer Glass Bowl Vs Stainless Steel: Which Mixer Bowl Is The Best?

A mixer or beater is a must-needed gadget for any kitchen, either a homemade or professional cook. When you prepare to make a cake, mix something for dishes, or do other professional cooking, you madly need a mixer. KitchenAid mixers are also a great machine to save your precious time and labor power.

There are hundreds of companies with thousands of mixers, but why do I mention KitchenAid mixers? I will briefly tell you about KitchenAid in the below section.

If you wonder which KitchenAid product is suitable for you or ever want to know the differences between a KitchenAid mixer glass bowl vs stainless steel, then here I include two of KitchenAid’s best-selling reliable mixers. Let’s find out which one is better for your use in consideration of their facilities.

Company Description – The KitchenAid

Whirlpool Corporation is KitchenAid’s current owner company, which started its journey in 1919 as a stand mixer-selling company. KitchenAid’s previous owners were Hobart Corporation.

They never compromise with their products; they believe in quality and customer satisfaction. If they don’t understand the customer’s need and their exceptions, KitchenAid can’t run their company for 102 years. You can understand why their tagline is “for the way it’s made.”

Today it is an international giant famous for its variety of mixers and refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, wall ovens, and other home appliances. KitchenAid products are made in Ohio, South Carolina, Iowa, Mississippi, Indiana, Arkansas, Ontario, Quebec, and China.

Similarities Between KitchenAid Mixer Glass Bowl Vs Stainless Steel

Dough Hook and Flat beater Material:

KitchenAid Glass bowl mixer uses a flat beater and dough hook made from burnished aluminum, making it very shiny and resistant to rust.

The Steel Bowl design also uses a burnished Aluminum flat beater and dough hook.

Easy to Clean and Use:

The steel bowl variant and the glass bowl variant both are elementary to use and clean. Things don’t stick to the bowl and often come off with just liquid soap and a sponge.

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Various Speed:

Both the steel and glass bowl type has 10 different speed for use. Mixing different things for cooking often needs a variety of speeds. Like cake making needs high speed and bread-making needs low. For that kind of circumstance, both the product has 10 different rpm.

The versatility of attachment:

KitchenAid’s mixers are well known for their attachments. These 2 products also come in a variety. We can have attachments for pasta making for shredding blocks of cheese.

Dissimilarities Between KitchenAid Mixer glass bowl Vs Stainless Steel

Bowl Type:

We can definitely understand from the discussion till now that 2 of them use a different material for the bowl. The first one uses a glass bowl which makes it a little bit fragile to work. Extra caution is needed to work with it.

The other one uses a steel-made bowl which makes it very durable and resistant to break. But it is prone to bending.

Usage of Power:

The glass bowl type uses a less powerful motor. It uses only 325 watts of electricity. Compare to the glass bowl mixer, the 600 series has a more powerful motor.

On the other hand, the stainless-steel bowl type uses a powerful motor that uses a massive 575 watts of electricity. As I said, it can produce more rotation power for a long time.

Pouring shield:

This glass bowl mixer does not come with a pouring shield. I have noticed things flying while mixing at high speed because of that. We have to buy its pouring shield particularly.

The 600 series stainless-steel variant comes with a pouring shield included. It is of outstanding quality and doesn’t make any mess while working.

The capacity of the bowl:

The KSM105GBCER glass bowl mixer has a little bit less capacity than the 600 Series steel Stand Mixer.

The glass bowl mixer has a capacity of 5-Quart or 4.73 liters, and The 600 series steel mixer can consume 1-quart larger, meaning it is 5-Quart or 5.68 liters. So if you badly need a bowl with a larger capacity, then choose the 600 series steel bowl.

Method of Mixing:

The glass-type variant does not use the bowl lift-up method. It means the bowl is stuck at the base, and the flat beater moves. But it sticks to the base very well, and we don’t have to fear shaking.

The steel type 600 series mixer uses a lift-up method, meaning it lifts the bowl in the air, and the beater is stationary.

The Shape Of The Dough Hook:

The glass bowl type comes with a ‘C’ shaped dough hook. On the other hand, the steel bowl type comes with a spiral-shaped dough hook. The spiral hook is more helpful in making bread dough.

After knowing the similarities and dissimilarities, let’s quickly jump into the products’ pros and cons.

KitchenAid Stand Mixer With Glass Bowl

1.Well-made and of great quality.
2. Bowl made from clear glass and comfortable handle.
3. Very stable, no shaking.
4. Can be used with a variety of attachments.
5. Bowl fits nicely into the holder.
6. Flat bitter has rubber edges.
7. Has 10 different speeds.
8. Easy to use and clean up.
1.No Pouring Shield.
2. The bowl is made of glass and fragile.
3. A little extra force is needed to remove the bowl from the holder.

KitchenAid Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer With Stainless Steel Bowl

1.Fast, powerful, and stable mixer to fulfill your requirements.
2. The bowl is strong and prone to breaking.
3. Various attachments are included with this mixer.
4. It Has 10 different speed control moods.
5. It has come with a solid pouring shield.
6. The dough hook is spiral.
7. 575-watt motor can mix anything.
8. Very easy to use and clean.
1.Consume a huge amount of electricity.
2. It Makes very loud noises.
3. Can’t see ingredients through the bowl.

The verdict:

I have used them for a fair amount of time. This 600 series KitchenAid mixer with stainless steel bowl is one of KitchenAid’s list’s most powerful mixers.

The steel bowl variant is a very powerful tool. I think it is suitable for professional use like in the kitchen of a restaurant. It is also very loud, and that makes it a little bit annoying to use at home.

The glass bowl type is also very good, but it doesn’t have the steel bowl set’s power. It is a bit less noisy. It is perfect to use at home. But extra caution is needed to work with it as the bowl is made from glass. Also, no pouring shield is included, so you have to buy it extra.

If you the pricing list of both of these products you will see a big difference. Of course, there will be some difference, but the gap is around 200$ dollars.

The 600 Series is going to charge you almost 800$ dollars. On the other hand, KSM105GBCER Tilt-Head Stand Mixer is going to cost you 600$ dollars.

So I recommend if you’re only going for professional work or a restaurant, then go for the 600 series, it’s a professional and pricy mixer. Otherwise, go for the KSM105GBCER Tilt-Head Stand Mixer; it will cost you less, and you can do all those kinds of stuff you want to.


It is really great to have one mixer at home because of the facility it gives. To buy one, you should consider your need first. If you are looking for a long-lasting professional-grade mixer, the steel bowl variant would be great for you.

The glass bowl type is perfect to use at home. I gifted my wife KitchenAid Glass Bowl Mixer last Christmas, and she loves it till now.

I hope this article is helpful enough for you to decide which one to buy.

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