How To Make Celery Salt? Secret Revealed!

Celery salt is typically used to season dishes, vegetables, fish, and meats. It’s also added to dressings and drinks to make an herbal and salty flavor. Crunchy celery salt is a great garnish for bloody marys of caesars. You can add celery seeds to various dishes and drinks!

If you are the kind of food lover who wants to add a little something to simple foods, then making celery salt might be interesting for you. Save your money from buying celery salt in supermarkets and make it yourself. It’s pretty quick and easy. Just follow our tutorial on how to make celery salt, and you’ll be good.

How To Make Celery Salt?

What You Need:

  • One head of celery (washed and dried)
  • One tablespoon of celery seeds
  • Maldon sea salt, 1/3 cup
celery salt in a ceramic bowl

Method 01: Using Celery Leaves

Step 1: Preheat Oven

Prepare the oven and preheat it to 300 degrees. Add the celery leaves to a single-layer baking sheet. Cook until dry or brown, for approximately 7-10 minutes. Set aside for cooling purposes. When doing this process, make sure that you don’t walk away too far from the oven, unless you want burned celery leaves.

There are also ways in drying the leaves. You can lay them out on a plate; shuffle them until the leaves feel crumbly and dry. You can also put the leaves in a paper bag and shake them until the leaves become dry.

Step 2: Combine Salt And Celery

Use a muddler or mortar and pestle. Combine the dried celery leaves and sea salt. Use the same equipment when grinding the salt and celery leaves until both are well-combined and evenly ground. Put it in an airtight mason jar.

Method 02: Using Celery Seeds

Step 1: Grind The Celery Seeds

Prepare the celery seeds you have at home if you’ve run out of seeds you can buy them from the supermarkets. Put at least two tablespoons of the seed in the spice grinder. Grind until it becomes a fine powder.

Step 2: Mix With Salt

Make sure that the celery seed is already a fine powder, then mix the sea salt.


If you want to emphasize either the celery or the salty taste, you can vary the ratio when you’re mixing them. Celery salt is expected to have a grittiness to it because of the salt, but you can achieve a finer texture by grinding both the salt and the celery seed. However, if you want the crunchier one, you can replace the table salt with Maldon sea salt flakes.

To avoid clumping the celery salt, store it in an airtight container or just use it immediately. It will likely clump if the texture is fine. So if you made some fine-textured celery salt, it’s recommended to use it or store it for three days only.

What are the Uses Of Celery Salt?

Now that you’ve made your celery salt, it’s now time to know its uses. The grassy and cool flavor of celery seed improves the salt and gives the dishes a different yet unique taste.

You can try it on rice, soups, popcorn, and potatoes. The combination of celery and salt enhances foods to give a tangy and subtle flavor.

In Salad and Dressings

Its leafy taste makes it one of the best add-ons in salads and dressings. Potato salad, egg salad, and coleslaw typically call for celery salt. Celery salt also spices up creamy salad dressings because the flavor complements the crisp vegetables.

Meat and Seafood Seasoning

Celery salt can be rubbed together with other spices and herbs on meat and seafood. It goes along well with paprika, mustard, powder, ginger, and black pepper. When combined with melted butter, it perks up the flavor of the butter.

Juice Flavoring

As mentioned earlier, celery salt adds flavor to drinks like Bloody Marys. It’s also added to homemade tomato juices or any mixed vegetable juice. You can also sprinkle in on bottled or canned juices. To sum it all up, celery salt adds flavor to dishes and drinks.

How To Buy The Best Celery?

To make the best celery salt, you should use the finest celery, may it be seeds or leaves. There are a lot of things you can do with celery, aside from making it into celery salt. You can scrunch it while it’s raw, put it in stew and soups, and gives flavors to a lot of recipes.

In this section, we are teaching you how to buy the best celery for the best celery salt result. If you’re purchasing a whole bunch, look for celery that doesn’t have yellow or brown spots. The spots indicate that the celery is old. The stalks should be crisp and green. Look for the stalks that don’t feel soft and shrivel at the top.

If you go for the hearts, look for bright green stalks and leaves. No brown or yellow spots and should be crispy and crunchy. If you buy pre-cut celery stalks, look for crispy and green stalks.


I hope that you learned a lot from this recipe. I added small tips so you can use the celery seeds well. If you have used this recipe before, share it with friends and family! If you have comments, suggestions, and questions, just feel free to drop them in the comment box below.

Stay tuned with Cookingisbelleza. Happy cooking!

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