How To Clean Aluminum Cookware

How To Clean Aluminum Cookware? Check The Easiest Way Of Cleaning.

No kitchen is complete without aluminum cookware. There is hardly any kitchen where you won’t trace aluminum pan, pot, saucepan, bakeware, and other utensils. The aluminum cookware is light, durable, oven-safe, and evenly and quickly cooks the food.

Surely, you clean the utensils after every usage, but over time, they get dingy, and you can notice much grime around the edges and center. This is because of burnt-on food and grease that gradually builds upon the utensils.

Still, you can bring back the shine of the aluminum utensils and make them beautiful and spotless. Catch my guide on how to clean aluminum cookware and get the most effective result. In addition, I give you a bold promise that you will have stain-free cookware all year long.

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How To Clean Aluminum Cookware?

Aluminum cooking equipment has versatile usage. Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure proper cleaning to increase their longevity and shine. If you don’t clean the nasty stains and grime, soon their place will be in the trash. Many commercial heavy-duty cleaners can remove black stains from aluminum pans. However, I will share a nifty trick that makes your aluminum pans shiny again at less cost.

Many use various types of toxic to clean the rust, but it is harmful to you and your family members. So you should search for a non-toxic solution. Here I give you some beneficial solutions to clean the aluminum cookware.

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How To Clean Aluminum Pans Interior?

There is less grease build-up on the aluminum pan’s interior. However, you may see streaky stains on the center and further grime on the edges. Follow the steps below to make the pan’s interior shine.

Things you’ll require



Dish soap

Lemon juice or white vinegar


Step 1: Remove Excessive Grease

Start the cleaning process by washing the subsist grease and burnt-on food bits. Use warm water, dish soap, and the hard side of the sponge to remove them. You may use a wooden spoon to scrape the brunt-on bits.

You may think of using the dishwasher, but let me tell you, the dishwasher can not deal with all sorts of burnt-on food. So instead, use your hand to clean and sparkling the aluminum cookware. Don’t use steel wool as it can scratch the pans.

Step 2: The Boiling Method

Put the pot on the stove and pour three cups of water or more. Make sure you fill the pot with water and bring it to a boil.

Step 3: Add The Cleaning Solution

Aluminum gets stained due to oxidation. That’s why you need to make an acidic cleaning solution to remove oxidation from aluminum. This solution will also clean the aluminum pan’s discoloration. Add one tablespoon of dish soap, half a teaspoon of salt, and two tablespoons of lemon juice or white vinegar. Stir with a spoon to mix it. Let the water boil and be ready to enjoy the bubbles volcano. Once boiled, keep the heat medium.

Boil the water for 15 to 20 minutes. Switch off the stove, and empty the water. You must see the spotless and shiny aluminum pot interior.

Step 4: Rinse The Remaining Residue

Now, rinse the exterior again with dish soap and a sponge to remove all the residue from the pot.

How To Clean Aluminum Pans Bottom?

Typically you can see the toughest grease on the bottom of the aluminum pans. It is a thickened layer of grease that can not get rid of the regular wash. It may be laboursome task to remove this tough grease. Go through the steps to get the grease out of the aluminum pan’s bottom. Following the guide, you can clean old aluminum pans either.

Things you’ll need

Hot Water



Baking Soda

Hydrogen peroxide

Step 1: Soak The Pans Bottom

Bring a big water bowl to soak the bottom of the pan. Fill the bowl with hot boiling water and add some vinegar. Drown the pan for 1 or 2 hours to soak thoroughly in the water solution. It is helpful to remove cracked-on grease.

Step 2: Prepare The Cleaning Solution

In a small bowl, mix one tablespoon of baking soda, one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide, and one teaspoon of dish soap. Blend them well and make a thick paste.

Step 3: Scrub The Bottom

Take a scrubbing pad to apply the cleaning solution. Dip the pad in the cleaning solution, and start scrubbing the grease. Start from one side and use a circular motion during application.

Step 4: Let The Paste Dry

Let dry the paste on the aluminum pan. Baking soda requires some time to work with the stains. So 30 minutes of resting is necessary.

Step 5: Rinse The Pan

After the duration of time, scrub again to remove the baking soda. Then rinse the whole pan and wipe with the kitchen. You must have shine and spotless aluminum cookware.

How To Clean Aluminum Baking Sheet Pans?

The baking sheet contains a smooth and flat surface. But you can inevitably see residue build-up on the surface. Scrubbing pad leaves visible Here is the cleaning method to satisfy your food inspectors.

Things you’ll need

Hot Water

Washing Soda

Cream Of Tartar

Step 1: Make The Solution

In a bowl, take one teaspoon of washing soda, one tablespoon of cream of tartar, and a small amount of hot water. Blend them together and make a paste solution.

Step 2: Spread The Paste

Spread the paste evenly on the baking sheet. Allow it to sit for 15 to 20 minutes.

Step 3: Scrub The Baking Sheet

Scrub the baking sheet with a non-abrasive scrubbing pad.

Step 4: Wash the waste with water and make it clean.

Thus, you can new-like baking sheet.

Final Words

After long usage, aluminum cookware gets rusty and stained. No sooner do you have to apply the cleaning solution to the stained pans, pots, and other utensils. Following these cleaning solutions, you can effectively clean the ware and make them shiny. These non-toxic solutions are safe for your family and the earth. That’s why you must obey them.

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