Health Benefits Of Ground Turkey

6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Ground Turkey

People often use ground meat for burgers, pizza, pasta, tacos, lasagna, or any other spicy recipes. But do you ever try ground turkey to make these recipes?

Using ground turkey meat is a wonderful decision to enjoy lots of health benefits. Sometimes it is much better than red meat. You will be amazed to know that people have just started to eat turkey a half-century ago. And many scientists already have proven how good it is to maintain your health department.

Here you can explore the health benefits of ground turkey. So keep scrolling to enrich your knowledge.

Types Of Ground Turkey

Many people asked that is ground turkey processed meat?

Absolutely not; if you preserve any meat with salt, curing, or smoking, it will be called processed meat like bacon, sauces, etc., but ground turkey means minced meat by grinding it, not processed.

Mainly, ground turkey is a combination of dark and light meat, including skin and fat. However, you will find many types of ground turkey. You should be aware of these types as the texture, taste, and nutrition are changed according to variation.

Maximum packaged ground meat refined excess thighs, drumsticks, skin, and fat. Though you can also get ground breast meat, and they are relatively costly. All types of ground turkey are treated with additives for a non-crumbly texture.

Before buying ground turkey packaging, check the label as the ground turkey breast has lower fat and dark meat has higher. On the other hand, dark turkey meat also has more essential vitamins and nutrition. Since the skin has more fat, ground meat with skin will have more calories than skinless meat.

Mostly, you will get the ground turkey in three types: 93/7%, 85/15%, and 99% ground turkey which are a combination of lean meat and fat. Below find the nutrition chart of these categories.

Nutrition85/15% turkey93/7% turkey99% turkey
Saturated fat4.9gm3.3gm0.57gm
Protein24 gm25 gm25 gm
Iron2.5 mg2.7 mg0.67 mg
Sodium76 mg73 mg50 mg
Vitamin B122.4 mg2.4 mg0.57 mg
Zinc5.9 mg5.9 mg1.9 mg

What Are The Health Benefits Of Ground Turkey?

Ground turkey packs with a vital nutritional punch, and it is widely known as a significant source of lean protein. Ground turkey is much healthfuller than red meat like beef. Most of the time, health-conscious people eat turkey meat as an alternative to beef. Below we have amplified the best health benefits of ground turkey. Have a look.

Weight Loss

Ground turkey is the best lower-fat option. This meat is rich in protein, at the same time, low in fat. While you are on a weight loss diet or maintaining your calorie, then you need to decrease calories and increase protein intake. Ground turkey has a great amount of protein with the fewest calories. So this lean meat is a good option. Many choose ground turkey for weight loss.

Keep Your Heart Healthy

The meat has less saturated fat than ground chicken, pork, and beef. In this case, ground turkey is healthier than ground chicken. This helps to enhance HDL cholesterol levels and decrease LDL cholesterol in your body. So if you are checking cholesterol levels regularly then, ground turkey is better than ground beef for cholesterol. It reduces the chance of heart attack or stroke. Regular intake of ground turkey will keep your heart healthy.

Anti-cancer Properties

Ground turkey has selenium that is essential for antioxidant defense systems and a good immune system. It also prevents thyroid problems that can break down cancer at bay. It is also a great aid to increase fertility for both men and women.

Provides Essential Nutrition

While you eat meat for protein, you consume fat and calories. But ground turkey calories are lower than protein. Moreover, ground turkey also contains necessary minerals, like B3, B12, etc. These nutrients are essential for bodies. Iron and zinc are vital minerals for the human body, and you will get them in ground meat.

Good Source Of Calcium

Ground Turkey is also a good reference for calcium and zinc, a crucial mineral for bones. It allows the growth of new bone tissue and improves muscle contracting. So you can keep your bones strong. Calcium is also responsible for clotting blood when you incidentally get external cuts on your body. Ground turkey is a good aid for bone and muscle.

Anti-aging Skin Benefits

Ground turkey is loaded with all the integral nutrients that are beneficial to maintain healthy skin. The bright thing is that it is rich in protein and zinc. They are remarkable elements for conserving the body’s elastin fibers and natural collagen. So you can preserve the elasticity and skin firmness and it is a great turkey benefit for the skin.

The Right Way Of Cooking Ground Turkey

Turkey meat is very flavorful, and you can use it for numerous recipes. On the other hand, it has lots of health benefits. Ground turkey will be flavorful and healthy as long as you cook it in the right way. Here are cooking tips below

Read the Fat Content

99% lean ground turkey tends to dry texture and bland flavor because all the fat is trimmed off. Dark meat has more fat and flavor. Carefully check the ratio of meat to fat while purchasing.


seasoning is important in ground turkey cooking. You will miss the flavor in the leaner meat. So you need to do extra work to boost the flavor. Before starting cooking, rest the meat with salt and pepper; you need to season it well. You can also put in spices and herbs to enhance more flavor.

Avoid Kneading

if you overhandle the ground turkey meat, then the finish will be tough and dry. Overhandling directly impacts the texture because it removes much air from the mixture. Whenever you are preparing burgers or meatballs, try to keep minimal handling while shaping the meat. Use light oil on your hands and shape with soft hands to prevent sticking and the result lay a tender bite.

Maintaining Cooking Time

since ground turkey has low fat, it tends to dry within some minutes of overcooking. In turn, the meat loses out the flavor and becomes crumbly. So always check the time and don’t overcook it.

Sometimes we like medium rare with the ground beef but don’t apply this trick on ground turkey. You need to cook the meat all the way through. You can use a candy thermometer to prevent too much dry or undercook. Cook the ground meat until the internal temperature is 165-degree.

Wrapping Up

Ground turkey has enormous health benefits. In a word, it is a secret solution to lead a healthy life. It will take care of all the parts of your body, including skin, heart, bones, immune system, and much more. Also, imagine ground turkey helps to prevent several serious diseases like cancer. However, it should not intake too much. According to your body weight and condition, it is OK to eat turkey every day.

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