FoodSaver 5800 Vs 5860

FoodSaver 5800 Vs 5860: Which Vacuum Sealer Is The Best?

Preserving foods has become an essential part of our daily life. I don’t know about you, but I’m not a person who loves to go grocery shopping every day, I know that not everyone wishes to go to a grocery shop regularly.

That’s why buying a food preserving system is very important. If you search for well-known brand vacuum sealers, then FoodSaver vacuum sealers are one of the best and most popular choices right now, and their two famous models are FoodSaver 5800 and 5860 vacuum sealers.

In this article titled “FoodSaver 5800 Vs. 5860,” we will discuss the features, the similarities, dissimilarities, pros, and cons of both products. Without any further ado, let’s jump into it.

FoodSaver The Brand

Tilia Inc. made a company for vacuum packaging systems which later on became the FoodSaver brand. Later on, Tilia Inc. was brought by Jarden Corporation in 2002.

Now the brand is well known for its vast collection of vacuum sealers and packaging systems. It sells bags, containers, and jar bottle sealers. Their Factories are in Atlanta.

Similarities: FoodSaver FM 5800 And FM 5860 Vacuum Sealers

Power Source

Both of the machines run on electric power. There is a 30-inch long cable with them. It is not so long, so you have to work beside a power socket or use a multiplug extension cord. So it is a downside that the cable is not so long. Both of the machines use only 128 watts of electricity. So you can use it freely for a long time.


The model 5200 has 3 different modes. They are Dry/Moist & Quick Marinate. Quick marinate makes food marinate quickly, so you don’t have to wait 2-3 hours. It will marinate only in some minutes and enhance the flavor. The Dry/moist mode automatically detects the moisture in food. So it automatically makes the vacuum dry or moist to prevent molding and burning.

The model 5860 also has these modes, and it works as fine as 5800.

Retractable Handheld Sealer

Both the machines come with a retractable handheld sealer. We can seal zipper bags and jars with the sealer. Foodsaver sells zipper bags and jars with a valve attached. You have to detach the handheld sealer and hold its tip on the zipper bag or jar valve with firm pressure. Then if you press the vacuum button, it will automatically start to vacuum. You can also marinate with this handheld sealer.

FoodSaver 5800 vs 5860

Bag Making

The bag making is very easy with both of the machines. 5800 uses the manual bag-making method. That means you have to pull the roll with the desired length with your hand. Then you have to cut with the slider manually. It will cut your bag and seal the roll or bottom of the next bag. It makes your 50% work already done.

The 5860 also uses the same method, but everything is automatic here. For bag roll, you have to press two buttons. Then pressing the bag-making button will automatically cut the bag and seal it. This model saves your labor with everything automatic.


Both the machine has led indicators which makes your work more easy and fluent. You don’t have to look every time if the vacuum seal is proper or not or marinating is done or not. Every time the led will indicate the situation.


To ensure perfect vacuum both the machine uses a powerful pump. This feature makes an annoying noise like blander. Before buying any of these machines, this thing must be in your mind that you have to tolerate loud noise.

Dissimilarities: FoodSaver FM 5800 Vs. FM 5860 Vacuum Sealers


The FM 5200 vacuum sealer is made of stainless steel. It is very well polished and durable. Because of stainless steel, you don’t have a fear of rust. It is very long-lasting and resistant to dampness or warp.

On the other hand, 5860 is made of plastic. It is made very compact and durable. The quality of the plastic is premium. It gives us premium feelings. Obviously, it will last longer and wouldn’t break if extreme pressure is no applied.


The FM 5860 vacuum sealer is extended in length and short in width. It is shorter in height also. If you have a very slim place, it will be perfect for you. The additional length also gives us the facility of more length of sealing stripe. We can seal much larger bags with 5860.

FM 5800 is larger in every aspect but length. It is 17.6 inches long in length. The width and height are 9.3 and 9.6 inches which means it is a little bit bulky. Those who have a small space but have height can use this machine very well.

Roll Storage

5800 vacuum sealer uses an open roll storage system. You can keep track of how much bag roll you have all the time. Changing the bag is also very easy. You just have to slide the new roll.

The FM 5860 has a closed roll system. You have to open the lid at the top and keep the roll in a marked place. You can’s see the roll every time. So you can’t have track of how much you have left.

FoodSaver 5800 Vs 5860

Bag Cutter

The Foodsaver’s FM 5800 vacuum sealer uses a manual bag cutter. There is a slider at the base where the bag is made. You have to slide the cutter manually, and it will cut and seal the bag.

In 5860, you don’t have to cut bags manually. Just press the button it will automatically cut and seal the roll.


The FM 5800 vacuum sealer is very lightweight. It is only 9 pounds. You can move it very easily. If you like lightweight machines, this will be very good for you.

The Foodsaver’s FM 5860 is on the heavy side. It is around 15 pounds. It is built more compacted. If weight is not an aspect for you, this machine will be great for you.

Button Placement

The 5860 has buttons on the side. There are 2 buttons on the left and 6 buttons on the right. The handheld sealer is attached on the left side.

The 5800 model has all its buttons on the top. Every switch and led indicator is on the top. The retractable handheld sealer is also on the top right corner.

Vacuum Window

5800 has an easy view vacuum window, and you can see where it will vacuum seal. So you have more control over the seal and can manage if the stipes are going wrong.

The 5860 doesn’t allow us to see where it is going to seal. You have to give 3 inches of roll extra for sealing. Once you have inserted the bag into the machine, you can’t see where it will seal.

Now let’s look into the advantages and disadvantages of both the products.

FoodSaver FM5860 Vacuum Sealer

1. Easy to use.
2. Compact Design.
3. Led Indicator shows every process.
4. Automatic bag making.
5. Extra-wide sealing strips.
6. Quick marinate Dry and Moist mode.
7. Retractable Handheld sealer.
8. Automatic bag dispense and rewind.
9. Airtight heat seal.
1. Makes a lot of noise.
2. Can’t see the rolls from outside.

FoodSaver FM5800 2-in-1 Automatic Vacuum Sealer 

1. Durable building.
2. Small in size.
3. Manual vacuum control.
4. Easy access open roll design.
5. Express bag making reduces your 50% of the work.
6. Vacuum view window.
7. Quick marinate dry and moist mode.
8. Retractable handheld sealer.
9. Uses a pulse vac system.
1. Makes a lot of noise.
2. The Bag operating method is manual.

The Verdict

Both of the machines are very good at their field. Their features are also quite the same. But the main difference is in their building material and size.

The 5860 is more like a compact modern version. It is very slim and fully automatic. If you have a slim place and you like an automatic system, you can go for the 5860.

The 5800 is lightweight and manual. It is portable and gives you much control over the vacuum. It is made of a steel body, so it is also far more durable. If you like a small, lightweight machine, it is perfect for you.

Another thing to keep in mind is the budget. The 5200 is like 189 dollars, and the 5860 is 299 dollars. 5200 is a bit cheaper but has the potential as like as 5860. If you have a tight budget, I will definitely recommend going with the 5800.


A modern gadget makes your household work very comfortable and easy. From commercial food to household cooking, the preservation of food is a must. In this environment, vacuum sealers have become a popular tool as they are straightforward to use and do their work very fine.

If you were thinking of buying a vacuum sealer now, it is a perfect time. Consider your needs and budget. You can preserve your foods for up to 5 times longer, saving money and avoiding wastage of food.

The above description will help you to decide which model to buy. I hope this article helped you to choose how a vacuum sealer would be a great help for you. Thank you.

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