Elite Vs Crock Pot Slow Cooker

Elite Vs Crock Pot Slow Cooker: Which Slow Cooker Is The Best?

Slow cookers have become a top-rated product in the kitchen in recent years because of their usefulness and versatility. They can produce a meal for around 8 to 10 people quickly, and the programable modes make them far more assistance in cooking.

Among the top brands in slow cooking kitchenware, Elite gourmet and crock pot are among the most trustworthy and well-known brands. So let’s compare Elite Vs Crock Pot: Which slow cooker is the best?

Similarities & Dissimilarities Between Elite and Crock Pot


The Elite Gourmet slow cooker is built of Aluminum with excellent polish. It is durable and strong. Holding it feels premium. Keys and spoons will not scratch it, and a little amount of hit or pressure with some hard material will not make it warp or bump.

The crock pot uses stainless steel for its body. It is very high-quality steel than most ordinary stainless steel. As a result, the maintenance is very minimal. Wiping with a dry cloth makes all the smudges remove in seconds.


The Elite Gourmet uses Aluminum for its body, but its color is the same as stainless steel. The polish is excellent and smooth. If you like stainless steel color, you can go for the elite gourmet.

The Crock pot’s color is black. Traditional black with a high-quality finish makes it look classic. Those who prefer black color over any other can definitely go for it.


The major difference between the 2 comes in their dimension. The Elite is superior in length but inferior in both width and height. It is 16.34 inches long but 11.73 and 11.81 inches wide and high accordingly.

The Crock pot is smaller in length. It is only inches long. On the other hand, it is 15.4 inches wide and 15.3 inches high.


The capacity of both does not have that much difference. Both of them hold quite the same amount of food. The Elite Gourmet has the capacity of 8.5 quarts or 8.044 liters, and the Crock Pot has 8 quarts or 7.57 liters of capacity.


Both the product weights quite the same. Their weight is around 14.50 pounds or 6.58 kg. So they are pretty big in size. The pot is also made of stoneware, so all of them make them pretty heavy.

Pot material:

The elite gourmet and the crock pot uses stoneware made pot. It makes the product heavy, but it is very durable and nonstick. For this solid and high-quality pot material, your food will not stick to the bottom or side part of the pot. It makes them very easy to clean and makes them prone to the burning of food.


Both of them are made oval-shaped. Their shape makes them attractive as well as easy to hold and move. The side handles give a very firm grip and control over the cooker. Stirring the food in the cooker is also very easy because of the oval shape.

Programmable and Timer:

The Elite Gourmet and the Crock Pot both have a timer, and they are programmable. You don’t have to fear overcooking your food or burning your food. The timer will set the duration of cooking. You can set it and go for other work or entertaining your guests.

You can also program these slow cookers. Like how much warmth you need your food to be after cooking. It will automatically keep your food that warm.

Transparent Lid:

Both the slow cooker has a transparent lid. It helps you to see through and keep track of the cooking. If you are thinking the food is becoming browner, you can switch off the cooking.

With this transparent lid, these cookers add one more feature to their versatility.

Easy to clean:

Both the product is very easy to clean. The body of the cookers has a smooth polish, and wiping with a clean cloth will remove any dirt or smudges.

The stoneware pot is also nonstick. Food will not stick to it. Regular soap and a sponge will be enough for washing it. Also, they are dishwasher safe. That makes your work easier.


The price of the two is quite similar. The Elite gourmet is around 60 dollars. On the other hand, the price of the Crock Pot is about 54 dollars. So there is not much difference in their price.

Elite Gourmet Digital Programmable Slow Cooker MST-900D

1.Aluminum body.
2.Oval shape with comfortable handles.
3.Has the capacity of 8.5 quarts.
4.Programmable up to 20 hours.
5.Low/ high/ keep warm settings.
6.Transparent lid.
7.Brushless stainless steel heating unit.
8.Stoneware pot.
9.Easy to clean.
1. The legs of the cooker are not stable.

Crock Pot Slow Cooker SCCPVFC800-DS

1. Classic black color.
2. Stainless steel body.
3. The capacity of 8 quarts.
4. Oval shape with comfortable handles.
5. Programmable up to 20 hours.
6. Automatically keeps the food warm.
7. Transparent lid and stoneware pot.
8. Removable and dishwasher safe.
9. Includes recipe book.
1. The ceramic coating of the stoneware pot comes off after some time.

The verdict:

Both of the cookers are extremely good in their field. They do exactly what they say. There isn’t much of a difference in their features. So it will be up to you what item to buy.

The elite gourmet is long in length but short in width and height. If you are thinking of storing it in a place where there is not much width or height, you can buy this product.

On the other hand, the Crock pot has a short length. So you can store it in someplace where you don’t have that much length space.

The elite gourmet is a sliver color or steel color with a high-end polish. If you like this color, you can go for it. If you are a fan of black color and prefer black over other things, then you can definitely go for the crock pot.


Having modern technology makes your work more fluent and comfortable. A slow cooker makes your cooking work a lot easier and makes you productive in your cooking work. You can set the cooker timer and forget about the things in the slow cooker and keep yourself busy with other works.

After using both of the products, I have decided that both of the cookers do not have that much difference. It’s up to your personal choice where you want to go.

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