Dalstrong Gladiator vs Shogun

Dalstrong Gladiator Vs Shogun: Which Knife Performs Better In 2022?

If you are a chef, then a knife is a symbol of your cutting skills. Obviously, a good quality knife gives you the confidence to cut smooth and fast, but that is not the point; it’s about your comfortability. What happened if you are uncomfortably holding a high-quality and pricy knife? That doesn’t suit you, right.

There is so much rumor about the Dalstrong Gladiator vs Shogun series chef knives because of their design, budget, and uses. So let’s find out the details step by step to understand which one is more suitable for you.

Dalstrong And Their Knives

Gladiator and Shogun series belong to the same company. The Dalstrong manufacture successfully both of the knife series.

There is a rumor that Dalstrong is a Chinese company but that isn’t true. Dalstrong is a Canadian company and their headquarter is located in Toronto. They manufactured knives in yang Jiang, china, and they manufacture 1500 plus types of scissors and knives.

Dalstrong is a leading company in terms of producing high-quality knives. If you ever thought about whether Dalstrong knives are any good or not, I would strongly recommend that they are good.

With so many Dalstrong knife series and separately buying options, they are definitely one of the best brands for chef’s knives. As I said, they are very much flexible at selling their products, and you can even buy a single knife or buy a Dalstrong Knife Set; the choice is yours.

One more solid thing is that they offer 120 days money-back guarantee that really impressive. If you aren’t happy with their products, you can have your full money back under 120 days of the guarantee period.

Similarities Between Dalstrong Gladiator Vs Shogun Chef Knife Sets

Steel quality

Gladiator uses the high carbon German steel, which is a western-style chef’s knife with the same material in the heel or the butt as a double bolster in terms of edge sharpness.

On the other hand, the Shogun series knives are made of Japanese Steel. Steel quality is well enough to cut smoothly through any meat or vegetable. You won’t complain about the steel quality for sure.

Hardness scale 

The hardness of Gladiatorseries knives is excellent. It has come with a rock-solid 56+ Rockwell hardness.

On the other hand, Shogun Series produces, even more, has 62+ Rockwell hardness. So in a word, it’s awesome.

Knifes head 

In the gladiator’s knife, the tip’s point is well structured; after using it for five or six months, you will see it’s still intact if you won’t damage it brutally.

This thing also belongs to the shogun chef’s knife; Dalstrong shogun knifes sets are incredibly solid and well structured. You won’t complain about the knife head.

Differences Between Gladiator And Shogun Chef knives


The Dalstrong gladiator chef knife’s made of German ThyssenKrupp V15 Steel, Which is durable and robust enough to cut through anything you wish to cut. The blade is brutally sharp for fast and power cuts.

The shogun knives are manufactured with the Japanese high carbon AUS-10V metal blade, which has been crafted with 66 layers of Steel during a 60 days process. That’s why it produces high hardness and sharp blades.

Blade Angle

The gladiator series knife comes with a double bevel 14 to 16 degrees angle. Which is good enough, I guess. In terms of these angles, you will get frequent cutting motions that will help you to cut fast. Obviously, blade angle comfortability depends on person to person but most chefs like wide blade angle.

Compared to the gladiator, the shogun series comes with less blade angle, which is 8 to 12 degrees double bevel. It is good, but a more blade angle is definitely preferable.


If anyone asks why the shogun’s knife is so popular, then the answer would be their sharpness. The German ThyssenKrupp steel makes this knife durable and sharp enough to cut through any Martials your kitchen holds.

In terms of sharpness, the gladiator series can’t beat shogun. Yes, a gladiator is sharp enough to cut any vegetable, fruit, meat, fish, or other things in your kitchen, but the shogun definitely wins the race.


Gladiator has a decent look, but its edgeless heel and unwanted curves of the handle are annoying. The extra metal on the handle bottom makes it heavy and balance resistant. But Pakkawood handle gives you a comfortable feeling.

There is a laser-etched logo on the handle, and the bottom part of the knife close to handling makes it look super cool. The hammered finish looks fly possible and should also help keep things from sticking to it. Overall you will love it.

Cutting aspects 

The Gladiator series is specially designed for cutting fast and power cuts. A particularly great choice for cutting vegetables and fruits. There is no doubt about its paring, slicing, and cutting power. It will obviously be smooth fast and the exact cut that you wish. Yes, you can cut fish and meat, but for peeling and chopping, the Shogun Series is more reliable.

Shogun Series is brutally designed for chopping, coring, paring, slicing, and Peeling. Specially peeling fish is super easy with a shogun’s knife. it is proper for commercial purposes.  It can easily cut fish, meats, vegetables, and other items you wish to cut without any irritation shogun’s knife will perform smoothly every time.

Buying Set Differences 

In terms of buying the Dalstrong Gladiator set, you will get huge options. Under 360$, you will get  3.75 inches paring, 6 inches serrated utility and 6.5 inches utility knives, 7 inches santoku, 8 inches chef and carving/ slicer, 9 inches bread, and last but not the list, six steak knives.

But on the other hand, under 300$ Shogun Series gives you a 3.5 inches Paring, 6″ Serrated Utility, and 8 inches Gyuto Chef Knives. So in compression of versatility, the gladiator series gives you more knife options.

Packaging Component

Gladiator knife is the cover, and that is a saya that doesn’t have any pins in it. It just slides in, and clips right on; it works great.

Dalstrong Shogun series knife is housed in a swank sheath complete with the pen lock to protect your blade’s edge in your knife. Just in case you weren’t feeling fancy enough, there is a copper decorative insert that makes it pretty cool.

Gladiator  Knife Block Set

1.High carbon German steel that designed for western-style chef’s knife
2.Extremely razor-sharp and hand sharp blade for cutting smooth slicing
3.Always suitable for busy kitchens
4.Included Nagura flattening stone for sharpening and smooth cuts.
5.Pakkawood handles to enhance your griping comfortability.
6.For maximum comfort, grip introduce the ergonomic handle shape
7.It has come with a rock-solid 56+ Rockwell hardness.
8.Very comfortable to use overall
1.A little bit expensive in comparison to other knife sets
2.Knife block can be a burden for smaller kitchens
3.Endcap bolster makes the handle heavy

Shogun Chef knife

1.Japanese high-carbon Steel with 67 layers of cladding for durability and stain resistance.
2. 62+ Rockwell hardness means it’s tough to beat shogun’s hardness scale.
3. Beautiful design based on Tshuchimi hammered finish
4. G-10 handle made of highly impressive fiberglass resin
5. It’s extremely comfortable to hold in any cutting positions
6. 2MM Steel Thickness ensure the perfect thicker and heavy-duty cuts every time
7. Extraordinarily durable and ideal for rough work.
8. Honbazuke sharpening ensure the extra sharpness on the blade
9.The knife block is awesome
1.Many people aren’t happy about shoguns looks or design
2. Hard to clean in term of comparison with the gladiator series
3. It high priced knife set but you will only get a few knifes

Our Verdict

Choosing the best knife can be difficult, specifically when you have a vast knife option; there are many brands with many models.

Many people search for a comparison of Dalstrong Gladiator vs Shogun Chef Knife because there is so much rumor about these two series. If you’re buying a set and not particularly buy one, you won’t find a considerable budget difference.

Both knives are suitable to be in your kitchen. Yes, depending on your budget or favoritism, you can pick one. If you are a full knife set, you should go for the gladiator series knife set because you will get vast options.

But in terms of professional uses, you need to select a shogun series knife set because you can’t get 66 layers of Steel with 62+ Rockwell hardness in gladiator. Shogun’s knife is highly preferable for heavy uses.

One more thing, the shogun is more comfortable to hold than the gladiator knives. Extra metal on the bottom part of the handle makes it heavy. It has a stupid edgeless heel, and the handle unnecessarily curves is very annoying.


Finding a perfect knife can be hard because everyone has personal comfort issues and favoritism. I prefer solid hardness with good gripping handle knives for better performance.

As I said, if you are looking for a vast set of a knife then go for the gladiator series, but for professional uses with heavy tasks, you should choose a shogun set.

Shogun produces chopping, coring, paring, slicing, and peeling type of cuts very easily, while the gladiator knife can do these types of jobs but that much good for peeling and chopping tasks. If you find the chopper for heavy tasks you can look for the best quality chef knife.

Hope you enjoy reading the comparison between dalstrong gladiator vs shogun chef knife.

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