Best Lettuce Knife

Best Lettuce Knife in 2022: Tested Then Review

Lettuce is one of the most notorious veggies, and cutting with the normal metallic knife, lettuce becomes brownish because of oxidation. For browning, starts losing its important nutrients and makes it useless. If you use a lettuce knife in particular, nothing like that will happen. For that reason, people search for a specific lettuce-cutting knife and get confused about which one they should choose.

Finding the best lettuce knife can be tough, especially since there are so many options available in the market, in a mixture of minimum good and maximum bad.

That’s why I researched and used some of the knives from the market and got the 5 best lettuce knives. Let’s get the point-to-point details.

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Best Lettuce Knife

ZYLISS Lettuce Cutting Knife

ZYLISS Lettuce Knife is one of the well-designed and qualified knives from ZYLISS. This knife’s lightweight body and flexibility make it an impressive performer, and people like it to buy without any doubt. If you check on Amazon, it is one of the best among others.

This lettuce knife comes in green color. The blade portion is light green, and the handle portion is deep green. The material used to make this blade is plastic. It is flexible and strong. Doesn’t lose its color easily.

This knife’s blade edges are serrated, especially for cutting lettuce not to turn brown. Also, you can easily slice cakes, brownies, and bread.

The handle is made of solid plastic. This ergonomic handle is very strong, and lightweight and fits the hand really well. There is a hanging hole on the handle so that you can easily attach it to the wall.

Besides these, this lettuce knife is safe to use on coated cookware and in the dishwasher. Also, easily cleanable by hand. So, if you are looking for an impressive lettuce cutting knife at an affordable price, it knife is for you.

What We Like

  • Safe to use on coated cookware
  • Safe to use in dishwasher
  • Soft ergonomic handle
  • Serrated blade edge provides clean cuts
  • It comes with a hanging hole
  • Besides lettuce can slice cakes, brownies, and bread


The price should be a little less.

Norpro 586 Blue Lettuce Knife

Norpro 586 , Blue Lettuce Knife, 11.25in/28.5cm

Norpro 586 Lettuce Knife is an 11.25inch blue color knife from Norpro. It’s a regular usage flexible, and durable knife. Also, blades prevent the lettuce from turning brown. This knife had great popularity in the market, and people love to buy this.

This blue color lettuce cutting knife is made of Polystyrene plastic. Polystyrene plastic does not react with food. It is flexible and strong. Also, it does not lose color and melt in heat easily.

And the serrated blade edges prevent the lettuce from turning brown and slice it perfectly and keep all the nutrients in it. Also, you can slice other veggies, bread, and cake easily.

The handle is also made from the same plastic, but in the handle, they used a metal plate which makes it balanced and strong. The handle shape is quite good and easy to hold for a long time.

They provided a hanging hole to hang on the wall easily. Also, this knife is dishwasher safe and easily cleanable by hand. It is capable of taking heat.

So, if you enjoy homemade salad regularly with your meal, you can take this Norpro 586 Lettuce Knife without any doubt.

What We Like

  • Easily washable and store.
  • Serrated blades provide precious smooth cuts
  • Safe to use in dishwasher
  • Can take heat up to certain temperatures
  • Easy to carry around
  • It offers a hanging hole


Not an ergonomic handle

SKPYFD Green Lettuce Knife

Green Lettuce Knife For Vegetable Cake Bread with Serrated Cutting Edges Kids Safe Chef Nylon Green

SKPYFD Green Lettuce Knife is a V-shaped serrated plastic blade knife. With its unique design and cutting accuracy, people like this knife most. Also, this knife can be used for multiple purposes; that’s why it has a great demand in the market.

This is an 11.38-inch knife that comes in green color and is made of high-quality plastic. This does not react with food or keep out nutrients from food. The knife is very flexible, and the unique V-shaped design help to slice lettuce or other veggies and cakes easily.

Also, they used serrated plastic blades to prevent lettuce and other veggies from turning brown. Also, this design knife is very much easy to clean. For being lightweight, it is very much easy to hold and use.

The handle is also made of plastic. Designed and shaped well so that you can place all your fingers perfectly and slice whatever you want. Also, it provided a hanging hole for the wall mount.

Also, this knife is dishwasher safe. The best this is that this knife is well grip able for both right and left-handed people. So, if you need a good-looking multi usable quality knife for your kitchen, you can go for it.

What We Like

  • Have hanging hole for wall mount
  • Easily cleanable with hand and dishwasher
  • One pieced well-built knife
  • Lightweight and easy to grip
  • Long and flexible knife
  • Prevent veggies from turning brown


Wide cuts are a little difficult with it

Norpro Green Lettuce Knife

Norpro, Green Lettuce Knife, 1-Pack

Norpro is one of the finest manufacturers of lettuce knives in this current market, and from there, another best product is this Norpro Green Lettuce Knife. This green color with minimalistic & beautiful design knife can slice almost all types of veggies and prevent them from turning brown.

This lettuce knife comes in a 12.75inch long size. It is made from BPA-free plastic. It doesn’t react with food and prevents food from browning. This blade is 2 inches in width and provides clean-cut slices.

Though the blade is made from plastic, it prevents lettuce from turning brown and easily slices soft and juicy veggies. Also, it had a hanging hole for the wall mount.

The handle is two times smaller than the blade, but the knife is well balanced. Also, it is a little bit curved, reduces the slipper, and helps to grip well. Also, it is much easier to cut and slice at any angle to be balanced.

So, if you need a professional-designed excellent blade at an affordable price, you can go for it.

What We Like

  • Efficient curve handle
  • Had hanging hole on the handle
  • Minimalistic beautiful design
  • Lightweight and balanced knife
  • Easily washable by hands
  • Comfortable to use


Using it in the dishwasher can damage

San Jamar LK200W Nylon Lettuce Knife

San Jamar Carlisle FoodService Products LK200W Nylon Lettuce Knife, 12' Length, Green

Carlisle Foodservice is a well-known brand for its quality products. From those products, San Jamar LK200W Nylon Lettuce Knife is one of the best ones. Though the look is not up to the mark, this lettuce knife is very much versatile with its classic blade and ergonomic handle.

This versatile plastic-made green lettuce knife comes in a 12inch size. The blade edges are serrated and constructed of a durable nylon layer, which helps to cut lettuce effortlessly, does not damage the food, and prevents browning. Also, it is designed well, so the food mess does not stay on the knife.

This handle comes in an ergonomic design, and it is curved. This design provides excellent comfort and great grip. Also, this knife is so lightweight and balanced that you can cut at any angle and is useful for a long time.

This Lettuce knife is safe to use on non-stick cookware and in the dishwasher. Also, it is perfect for slicing veggies, soft fruits, bread, and cakes.

So, if you need a versatile lettuce cutting knife with all these advantages, you can choose this one to enjoy the homemade salad regularly.

What We Like

  • Constructed of durable nylon
  • Long and versatile knife
  • Mess doesn’t stay on the blade
  • Easily cleanable by hands
  • Lightweight and balanced knife
  • Easy to carry around


It does not provide a hanging hole

Buying Guide: How To Choose Lettuce Knives?

A lettuce knife is not like the other usual knife. There are considerable differences, and you have to look at those points neither while cutting nor after cutting, lettuce or other veggies can cause browning, and your food nutrients can be damaged. So, check the points carefully and choose the best one.


bamboo and plastic materials are the best for lettuce-cutting knives. It would be best to avoid metal; it can damage the food by oxidation. Bamboo and plastic materials reduce nutrient loss and health risks.

Bamboo and plastic are better than plastic; they are usable for a long time and safer than plastic material. Also, it is more versatile than plastic.

Design & Size

The lettuce knife should have serrated blade edges. It helps slice veggies perfectly without much effort and keeps the blade clean.

Ergonomic handles are the best. See the handle size with the ergonomic handle because fitting the handle on the hand is important, and you won’t get the best result while cutting.

The knife size should be around 10-12 inches. I chose a longer knife than these; it can be broken while cutting because of the bamboo or plastic material.


plastic lettuce knives come at less price than bamboo lettuce knives. Both material lettuce knives are good. But I recommend you go for a plastic lettuce knife because you get all the advantages like a bamboo knife at less price. You can choose one of these best lettuce knives as for the buying guide; ZYLISS Lettuce Knife and SKPYFD Green Lettuce Knife.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you cut lettuce with a metal knife?

It is not recommended to cut lettuce with a metal knife. Lettuce leaves are delicate and can easily be torn or damaged by a metal knife, causing the leaves to become wilted and unattractive.

Instead, it’s better to use a sharp, non-serrated plastic or bamboo knife. These materials are gentler on delicate leaves and won’t cause damage or bruising.

In addition, using a non-metallic knife can help prevent browning or oxidation of the lettuce, which can occur when the leaves come into contact with metal.

So, if you want to keep your lettuce looking fresh and crisp, it’s best to reach for a non-metallic knife when cutting it. Most of the metal knife’s blade edge is not serrated; serrated edges prevent breakage between cells and reduce browning. That’s why we should not cut lettuce with a metal knife.

What is the best way to cut lettuce?

The best way to cut lettuce depends on the type of lettuce and the desired outcome. Here are some general tips for cutting lettuce:

Clean the lettuce: Rinse the lettuce leaves under cold water and pat them dry with a clean cloth or paper towel.

Remove the core: Depending on the type of lettuce, you may need to remove the core before cutting. To do this, gently hold the lettuce and make a downward cut with a sharp knife just above the core.

Chop or tear: For a rustic look, tear the lettuce leaves into bite-sized pieces. For a more uniform appearance, chop the lettuce into thin strips or small squares.

Use a sharp knife: A sharp knife will make cutting the lettuce easier and will prevent bruising or tearing of the leaves.

Store cut lettuce: If you have cut lettuce that you don’t plan to use right away, store it in an airtight container with a paper towel to absorb any excess moisture.

By following these tips, you can cut lettuce in a way that preserves its freshness, flavor, and appearance.

What is the purpose of a lettuce knife?

A lettuce knife is a specific type of knife designed for cutting lettuce. It has a curved blade that allows for easy and efficient cutting of the lettuce, and is often made from a non-reactive material such as plastic or bamboo to prevent bruising of the delicate leaves.

The curved blade of a lettuce knife makes it easier to slice through the lettuce without crushing it, which can cause the lettuce to become wilted and unattractive. The non-reactive material helps to preserve the crisp texture and freshness of the lettuce by avoiding oxidation that can occur when the leaves come into contact with metal.

In addition to cutting lettuce, lettuce knives can also be used for cutting other delicate greens such as herbs, spinach, and arugula.

So, if you want to ensure that your lettuce stays crisp and fresh, a lettuce knife is a useful tool to have in your kitchen.


As the other veggie lettuce got brown but sliced with a genuine lettuce cutting knife, you can prevent browning for a certain amount of time. Also, cutting with a lettuce knife does not have any health risks as it does when cutting with a knife of any other ingredient.

That’s why I reviewed the 5 best lettuce knives for you. I hope you understand the facts and the points I described in this article. Thank you.

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