Best Knife For Cutting Onions

4 Best Knife For Cutting Onions: Find Out The Suitable One!

Onion slicing and dicing seems to be an easy task, but for the slippery surface, cuts become tough, and Many times even the hand slips and gets cut off for not holding the onion properly.

That’s why a specific onion cutting knife plays a great role here because, without a perfectly sharp, thick, and carved knife, it becomes difficult to cut onion perfectly.

For that reason, I researched and used some branded knives and got the 4 best knives for cutting onions. Let me give you a point-to-point overview.

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Best Knife For Cutting Onions

MAD SHARK Professional 8-Inch Vegetable Cutting Chef Knife

MAD SHARK Chef Knife, Professional 8 Inch Ultra Sharp Kitchen Knife, German High Carbon Stainless Steel Knife, Ergonomic Handle Cooking Knife with Finger Guard and Gift Box

MAD SHARK 8 Inch is a level 5 chef knife with a sharp blade and ergonomic handle. The blade is also well polished, and for being used of the military-grade material, it feels really premium.

MAD SHARK used Military Grade German composite stainless steel, Which is a mixture of chromium, carbon, vanadium, molybdenum, and cobalt. It is the latest technology they used in this knife to give it super hardness and sharpness for a long time.

This V-shaped five-stage blade edge is carefully ground with hands, and the tip notch is straightforward to make it suitable for cutting onions and other vegetables. Also, it doesn’t rust or tarnish easily.

This knife’s ABS handle is made with Military-grade high polymer material and ergonomic design, perfectly balanced in the blade and handle ratio. The ergonomic design provides you with a comfortable grip no matter where you are gripping.

The handle does not crack and is perfectly attached to the blade by the noble carved rivets. It is also lightweight and gives you great control over your onion and other cutting.

This all-rounder chef knife is really handy and user-friendly for any type of user. This can handle chopping, slicing, mincing, and dicing without any interruption. So, it can be the best choice for anyone without any doubt.

What We Like

  • Compact and Versatile design
  • Ergonomic military-grade handle
  • Premium Composite Stainless Steel
  • Ultra-sharp hand ground blade
  • Razor V-shaped edge
  • Lifetime warranty and budget-friendly


Not much lightweight

BRODARK 7inch Damascus Kitchen Santoku Knife

BRODARK Santoku Knife, 7inch VG10 Steel Core Damascus Kitchen Knife Ultra Sharp Japanese Chef Knife, High Carbon Stainless Steel Chopping Knife with Olive Handle,Holiday Gifts

BRODARK is one of the expensive knives on this list, but it is the most stylish and premium knife you can get for chopping, slicing, mincing, and dicing. It is a well-balanced knife, providing you with great control over your onion cutting.

This BRODARK knife is made with High Carbon 10Cr15CoMov Stainless Steel. They manufacture this versatile knife in 100 steps and use 67 Layer Damascus blades with a core of VG-10 steel.

This knife reached the 60 Rockwell Hardness Scale mark. For that, its blade is excellent to rust-resistant and provides a reliable, long-lasting, razor-sharp edge. Also, for the Damascus pattern and 2mm thick blade, cutting and slicing is really easy with this knife.

They used the luxurious Olive wood handle to provide a solid build. It is strongly attached to the blade and provides a fast and enjoyable cut. Hand remains grippy and warns on it. Also, it fits anyone’s hand perfectly. Also, the end cap on the handle stabilizes the weight distribution between handle and blade and helps to cut easily at any angle.

The advantage of a sharp blade and a versatile premium design is that this expensive professional knife won’t be a bad option for cutting onions and other things.

What We Like

  • Nonstick & Friction-less blade Surface
  • Superior Damascus pattern design Steel
  • Strong and rounded olive wood handle
  • Easy to dishwasher and hand clean
  • The blade does not rust or tarnish easily
  • Used 67 layers of Damascus blade


Little bit expensive

Imarku Pro Kitchen Knife 8 Inch Chef’s Knives

imarku Japanese Chef Knife - Pro Kitchen Knife 8 Inch Chef's Knives High Carbon Stainless Steel Sharp Paring Knife with Ergonomic Handle, Useful Kitchen Gadgets 2023, Christmas Gifts for Women and Men

Imarku Pro is a lightweight and user-friendly stylish knife, whose flat blade and roundish handle give you comfort and provide you great control over your onion cutting.

This 8inch chef knife is manufactured from high-carbon 7cr17mov German stainless steel. This blade contains 16-18% chrome material and 0.6%-0.75% carbon, which gives it more strength and makes it more durable.

The built quality is up to the mark; it got 56-58 Rockwell Hardness Scale mark. This blade is only 2.3 mm thick and really sharp, perfect for slicing, dicing, and chopping. With the 8inch blade and 5inch handle, make it a balanced knife and make the cutting effortless.

It has been usable for a long time. Sharpness does not lose fast, and the rust won’t get it easily. The top-notch blade is very straight to break any food surface easily.

Imarku used a comfortable Pakkawood handle that looked stunning and had a German blade. The handle attached the blade firmly and minimized any fatigue. Also, there is no chance of detachment, and it lasts for a long time.

The user-friendly design and advantage of this knife seem to work very well to cut, dice, slice, and chop onions easily.

What We Like

  • User-friendly and Ergonomic design
  • Versatile and Classy chrome finish
  • Strong and Durable blade
  • Well-built and comfortable handle
  • Washable to hand and clean easily
  • Full tang design.


Not suitable for the dishwasher clean

Tove 8 Inch Kitchen Professional Chef’s Knife

Chef Knife, Tovevi 8 Inch Kitchen Knife Stainless Steel, Professional Chefs Knife Ergonomic Handle and Gift Box, Ultra Sharp High Carbon Blade Kitchen Knives, Cooking Knife for Kitchen & Restaurant

Tove 8 Inch chef knife is a stylishly designed knife; looking at its beauty, anyone loves to keep it in their kitchen. Also, it is an all-rounder knife. Its tough and sharp blade can slice and dice any food perfectly, especially the onions.

Tove made the blade with Ultra-Sharp 3Cr13 high-carbon Stainless-Steel. This material comes with high toughness, hardness. Also, it remains rust and wire resistant.

The blade surface is flat but has some design on it, and on the lower portion, it is really sharp and thick, which helps to slice, dice, and chop easily. Also, for the v shape blade, the tip notch breaks down any food easily without hard effort.

They used ocean mist blue acrylic material to make this ergonomic handle. It is comfortable and grips well in any position you hold. The marble texture looks great on the handle, and it provides you with a smooth surface.

Also, the balance ratio of the blade and handle is perfect. You can use it for a long time and slice and dice any angel. Cleaning this knife is also an easy task.

Looking at all these advantages in a knife, no one can ignore it anyhow for their kitchen. So, it also won’t be a bad option to choose for cutting onions.

What We Like

  • High hardness and toughness blade
  • Ergonomic shape handle
  • Slice and dice effortlessly
  • 2.5mm blade is razor-sharp
  • Clean and care are easy
  • Full tang design


Loses sharpness fast

Buying Guide: Best Knife For Cutting Onions

For onions’ slippiness’ and chemical characteristics, it needs a specific quality knife such as a chef knife. Let me show you the buying guide to get a specific knife for cutting onions.


High-quality stainless steel is the best material for any knife material. It is especially perfect for dealing with onion characteristics. The Rockwell Hardness Scale should be around 56 to 60. Also, it should be a full tang design; it makes the knife stronger.


As the material is stainless steel; it should be within 5mm thick. A thick blade helps to break down and slice easily.


The handle should be made of wood or molded. It would be better if you choose an ergonomic design handle. Holding anywhere on an ergonomic handle does not affect cutting; that’s the plus point of this design handle.


The balance between the blade and handle should be perfect for cutting any angel perfectly. I found most; the chef knife comes with a well-balanced weight. Also, look at the end cap at the back of the handle; it helps maintain the knife’s balance.


Sometimes a low-priced knife provides a better-quality knife, and sometimes a high-priced knife provides a low-quality knife, but I am not saying that it will always happen the same. I got 4 onion cutting knives, 3 of them are mid-priced, and 1 is high-priced; you can choose one of them without any doubt.

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Watch more to chop the onion as professionals do.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of blade is best for cutting onions?

A curved blade, such as a chef’s knife or a santoku knife, is ideal for cutting onions as it allows for a rocking motion. A blade made from high-carbon stainless steel is also recommended as it is sharp and durable.

Is a sharp blade important for cutting onions?

Yes, a sharp blade is important as it will make cutting onions easier and more efficient.

What is the best handle material for a knife for cutting onions?

A comfortable handle that is easy to grip is important, regardless of the material. Some popular options include wooden, plastic, and ergonomic grips.

How much should I spend on a knife for cutting onions?

Quality knives can range in price, so choose one that fits your budget while still meeting your needs. Keep in mind that a high price does not always guarantee a high-quality knife.

What is the ideal weight for a knife for cutting onions?

The ideal weight depends on personal preference. A knife that is too heavy or too light can be tiring to use, so consider finding a knife with a weight that feels comfortable in your hand.

Are knives from well-known brands better for cutting onions?

Not necessarily, but purchasing a knife from a reputable brand that is known for producing quality kitchen knives can give you peace of mind that you are getting a good product.


There were thousands of bands that claimed or provided specific onion-cutting knives, but I chose or got only 4 bands that provide perfect onion-cutting knives. These brands provide almost the same quality as an onion-slicing knife.

I hope the buying guide and the point-to-point product details I gave you will help you to find out the best onion-cutting knife. Thank you.

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