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What Is The Best French Chef Knife? Know Before You Buy!

A French chef knife is the most important thing in your kitchen. It is used by a chef or a cook to cut meat, vegetables, fruits, seafood, etc. a good chef’s knife will help you to work faster and make your food delicious. Because of its importance in the kitchen, a chef must find the best knife for himself.

So let’s get a full overview of “what is the best French chef knife” and the best french chef knives that really suit you.

What Is The Best French Chef Knife

Most of us think about Sabatier knives after hearing the word french chef knife. Yes, Sabatier is one of the best chef knives made in french. If you’re a chef, you’ll need a variety of knives to get the job done. You will get various french chef knives in the market as well as on amazon. You will have to use a knife to slice, chop vegetables, cut meat, and other stuff as well. You can do your work faster and smoother if you have a knife that is comfortable to use and sharp.

Sabatier 8 Inch French Forged Stainless Chef Knife

After spending time in research the best French chef knife, I recommend the Mac Mighty MTH-80. This knife is proven to be dependable, sharp, comfortable to use, and a favorite in our tastes.

MAC MIGHTY Limited edition MTH-80 Knife Professional 8 Inch Chef Knife

Qualities Of a French Chef’s Knife

Of all the kitchen knives, the chef knife is the most significant. It’s a must-have for any cook, whether experienced or inexperienced. It is necessary for a cook to use it on a daily basis. A chef knife must have some characteristics to do its work perfectly. Here are some of the properties of a chef knife.

Size Of Chef’s Knife

This is very important to choose the perfect knife for your work. As a chef, you need a perfectly sized knife. Normally professional chefs use knives with 12-inch blades. But among home cooks, the 8-inch chef’s knife is the most popular.

Blade Shape And Edge

For precise cutting, the shape of the blade and the curvature of the edge is important. There are two types of blade shapes in western chef’s knives: German and French. German chef knives come with a curved edge, and French chef’s knives with a more straight edge.

Various Parts of a French Chef’s knife

Knife Tip

It’s the knife’s thinnest section, and it’s used to cut small parts or punch food. The tip is important because it may be needed to create a hole, score something, or hold something. It is easy to start a hole if the tip is pointy. So, choose the knife that has a sharp and pointy tip.

Edge Of The Knife

It starts from the tip and ends at the bolster. It is the sharpest part of the knife. There are different types of edges like hollow-ground, flat-ground, and chisel. The hollow ground gives you a super sharp edge, but it is not good for heavy chopping or batoning. A flat ground edge is good for chopping and batoning. This edge can do most of the tasks but is not good for very clean slicing. So, to get the best output, you need to choose the right-edged chef knife.


It is the thickest part of the edge, and it helps to balance when strength is required for cutting. The heel is ideal for hard chopping components, like carrots, winter squash, and even bones. Heels help you to balance and put more pressure. The heel does not have to be sharp like the edge, but it must be strong. So, select a French chef’s knife with a strong and clean heel.


It is the opposite side of the sharpened part. It is used to support the second hand when more force is needed to do work. The spine of the knife is wider than the blade. The spine also helps with grip. The thickness of the spine is determined by the knife’s length. But for chefs’ knives, the maximum thickness of the spine is 3.5mm. So, when buying a French chef’s knife, keep in mind to notice the spine thickness.

Finger guard

The finger guard prevents fingers from slipping to the edge. It is normally made of brass or other metals. But it is best if the finger guard is made of brass. A finger guard also helps to grip. The finger guard needs to be large enough and perfectly attached to the blade to safely use the knife.


The bolster connects the blade and the handle. Its weight is important for the balance of a knife. It provides a smooth transition from the blade to the handle. A bolster gives strength to the knife, adds durability, and provides a counter-balance.

Get a knife with a bolster; it is good to protect your fingers and give balance and cutting angles created by the bolster. Though it is slightly harder to sharpen the knife with a bolster, it provides you with other facilities. So, when buying a chef’s knife, choose a knife with a bolster.


Handles are normally made of aluminum, plastic, or wooden materials. It is used to hold the knife. Aluminum is usually used as a handle for its color, hardness, and protection. It is durable and lightweight.

Wooden handles are one of the most common types of chef knife handles. But wooden handles have certain problems. Handles made of wood can get affected by bacteria, which can cause food-related illnesses. Plastic is a good choice for knife handles.

Polypropylene and ABS are often used to make knife handles. They are lightweight and have high strength. When buying a French chef’s knife, it is best to choose a knife that has an aluminum handle.

What Are The Uses Of the French Chef Knife

A knife is a great tool for a chef. Every day it is used in different activities by a chef. Practically a French knife is used for anything, though it is designed for cutting & disjointing meat pieces. A French knife can be used for slicing vegetables, chopping, cutting meats, and cutting seafood. You can also smash garlic with a French chef knife.

Caring For Chef’s Knife

Like other tools, you need to take care of your knife properly. A sharp knife will enable you to work faster and make more accurate cuts. Again, a sharp knife is a vital part of preparing delicious food. So here are some of the ways to take care of your knife.

Don’t Put It In The Dishwasher

You should never wash your knife in a dishwasher. A dishwasher can make your knife dull quickly. Again, there are different chemicals in a detergent. That can react with the steel and cause it to pit out or become discolored.

Clean and Dry It Right Away

If you are not using a dishwasher, then how to clean your knife? Experts suggest soap and hot water or even just hot water. And you must dry it right away after using hot water.

Use a Cutting Board

Using your blade on the right surface is the greatest method to maintain it sharp. Never cut on granite, marble, or concrete. Use wood, bamboo, or plastic cutting board; it will allow your knife to stay sharp for a long time.

Remove Rusts Spots

Rust can develop on carbon steel blades, which you should remove as quickly as possible using water and a brush. Sustained rust can damage the blade, so remove the rust quickly to save it from any kind of damage.

Store in a Dry Place

There are many ways of storing your knife. Store your knife away from the kettle, hob, or sink; this will minimize the risk of rusting. It is best to use a wooden knife block or magnetic knife strip to store your chef’s knife.

When Using A Chef’s Knife, Avoid These Mistakes

Cutting on the Incorrect Work Surface

Cutting on surfaces like glass, granite, or ceramic can dull the blade of your knife. So you should use a cutting board as a surface; this will keep the blade sharp for a long.

Holding the Knife Incorrectly

It is a common mistake among users. If you hold the knife incorrectly, you will have less control over the knife, which is dangerous.

Cutting With a Dull knife

A dull knife is a dangerous thing to use. The blade of a chef’s knife dulls naturally over time. If the blade isn’t sharp enough, it won’t grab the food and it’ll slip away. And you can also get injured using a dull knife.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a French knife the same as a chef’s knife?

Ans: A chef’s knife has a tapered shape and a sharp edge, and is also known as a French chef’s knife. The length of the blades is from 6 to 12 inches. It is designed to cut foods on a cutting board.

What are chef’s knives mostly used for?

Ans: A chef knife is a cook’s most crucial equipment. A modern chef knife is a versatile tool that can be used for different tasks in the kitchen. Chef’s knives are mostly used for cutting meat, chopping and dicing vegetables, fruit, and herbs.

How many knives does a chef need?

Ans: Generally, a chef needs three knives, a serrated knife, a chef’s knife, and a paring knife. There are other knives too, but they are for luxury. These knives can make cooking easy and comfortable but are unnecessary.

What are the differences Between French And German Chef Knives?

Ans: There are different styles and types of knives available In the market. Despite the styles of a knife, there are some regional differences in the knives. A primary difference between German and French knives is German knives are heavier and start to curve towards the middle of the blade.

Normally, French knives are lighter and a bit thinner, and the blade curves more towards the tip. Which allows better control over the knife and keeps the cutting area a bit smaller.


A knife is the most important tool for a chef. To cook delicious food, a chef needs the best knife for work. Because there are so many various knives on the market, many people have difficulty finding one that is suitable for them.

I hope you read the whole article and found the answers to your question about choosing the best chef’s knife for you.

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