4 Best Electric Knife for Brisket: Knives That’ll Satisfy!

Electric knives are really convenient to use. They provide consistent force and back movement, providing effortless slicing and carving cuts. Though electric knives are cut like manual knives but structurally and in usage, they have some differences from manual knives.

Here people get confused because the shape and functions are totally different from the manual knife. For that reason, to find the best electric knife, I taster many electric knives.

From them, I have chosen the 4 best electric knives. Those are in different price ranges with different advantage functions and features so that you can easily identify the differences to choose the Best Electric Knife for Brisket.

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4 Best Electric Knife for Slicing Brisket – Let’s Fulfill All Your Cutting Needs

Homaider Electric Knife for Carving Meat

This is an ergonomic designed stainless steel electric knife from Homaider. The main advantage of this knife is its blade and the continuous slicing capability that ensures fast and easy slicing.

The package provides an electric knife, two blades for meat and bread, and a serving fork. You can easily slice or carve brisket and other items with these items.

Features or characteristics of Homaider electric knife

Build: This is a white color high-quality plastic build motorized 8.5inch electric knife. It’s a compact, lightweight knife but strong enough to handle tough and long work with one hand.

Blade: Homaider provided two precious, sharp, serrated stainless steel blades that do not react with food. One is ideal for cooked and raw meat, and the other is ideal for vegetables, bread, and fruits. Also, the blades are easy to remove and attach.

Operation: The quality blades and easy handle of this knife make the cutting operation so easy just tap the button on the handle to start. Also, working for a long time does not heat much and provides the same performance.

Handle: Homaider provides an ergonomic handle for this electric knife. The handle is very easy and comfortable to hold with five fingers. This grips really well and doesn’t slip while cutting.

Vibration: With the good design and compact build, this electric knife doesn’t vibrate much, which helps the knife to hold easily. Also, less vibration ensures less noise.

Safely Lock: Dual safety lock feature is designed in this electric knife to keep the blade locked to avoid unwanted accidents.

Cord: Here, a 1.8m extra-long quality cord is provided with the electric knife to work from your convenient place and distance.

So, if you want a quality electric knife that ensures fast and easy slicing with an ergonomic design, this knife is for you, and this is the best slicing brisket electric knife at this price.

What We Like

  • Easy to use with comfortable buttons
  • Serrated blades ensure fast and easy slicing
  • Ergonomic design comfortable handle
  • Easy to clean
  • Blades and forks are dishwasher safe
  • Compact build with extra-long cable
  • 1-year After-Service warranty


Little bit expensive

Hamilton Beach Electric Knife for Carving Meats

Hamilton Beach Electric Knife is the most precious and best-selling product from Hamilton. The main advantage of this electric knife is its space-saving storage case and the stainless steel blade.

You get an electric knife, one blade, one fork, and a storage case in the package. Using the fork with the electric knife, you can easily carve or slice big meat, bread, etc.

Features, Hamilton Beach Electric Knife Offers

Build: Hamilton Beach is a 17 x 2.4 x 2.6 inches compact electric knife. The full body is made of hard plastic, which does not stain easily and handle tough work.

Blade: The blade and fork they provide are stainless steel. It doesn’t rust easily or lose its sharpness fast. This reciprocating 10inch serrated blade is easy to attach and remove.

Operation: Pushing the button forward, the blade starts moving forward and back that slice brisket and other foods easily without any effort.

Handle: They designed an ergonomic handle in this electric knife to provide a great comfortable grip and give you the freedom to control any situation or any cuts.

Vibration: There is no extra handle on this electric knife, you will feel a vibration while cutting, but the handle design is so calculated that it won’t slip out of hand or go out of control.

Cord: This electric knife comes with quite a good distance cable to work from your comfort zone or distance places.
This is the easiest to assemble electric knife with the space-saving storage case and easy useable design at this affordable price. This knife can be called the best crafting knife for its different cutting capabilities.

What We Like

  • Ensures effortlessly cut meats
  • Ergonomic handle for a comfortable hold
  • Sharp and serrated stainless steel blade
  • Blades are easy to attach and removable
  • Affordable price with storage case
  • Had heat removing ventilator


Not suitable for crusty bread

NutriChef PKELKN16 Portable Electrical Food Cutter Knife Set

NutriChef PKELKN16 is a powerful motorized electric knife from NutriChef. The main advantage of this knife is its consistent slicing capabilities and the ergonomic design handle.

They gave an electric knife, 2 blades, and an elegant wooden tray for safe storage in this package. With this electric food cutter, you can easily do slicing and carving with great control.

Features of Nutrichef Portable Electrical Food Cutter

Build: NutriChef PKELKN16 is a hard plastic-made corded 12.5inch electric food cutter. This white color food cutter is compact with a powerful motor, and the hand plastic protects the whole structure from external damage and makes it durable.

Blade: They included two heavy-duty stainless steel blades to handle this powerful motorized slicer. One is ideal for meat, and the other is ideal for bread and vegetables, and both do not react to food.

Operation: Pressing the button, this food cutter’s powerful motor starts continuous slicing with excessive pressure. So that without any effort, you can easily slice or carve brisket and other items.

Handle: This portable electrical food knife is designed with an ergonomic handle to handle the cutting with great comfort and control.

Vibration: As the blade goes forth and back, it vibrates a lot, but the vibration does not affect cutting and doesn’t slip out of hand.

Safely lock: This food cutter included a safety lock to keep the blade locked to avoid unwanted injury.

So, if you want a consistent slicing ergonomic design electrical food cutter knife with an elegant wooden tray, this is one of the best you can get at this price.

What We Like

  • Had a powerful motor for continuous slicing
  • Ergonomic handle for a comfortable hold
  • Had safety lock feature
  • Blades are easy to attach and remove
  • Provided elegant wooden tray for safe storage
  • Provided two stainless steel blades for carving and slicing


Slips a little bit on oily skin

Proctor Silex Easy Slice Electric Knife for Carving Meats

This is a white color corded electric knife for carving meats from Proctor Silex. The main advantage of this electric knife is its lightweight design and stainless steel blade, which ensures controlled slicing and carving of brisket and more.

In the package, you get an electric knife and one blade. With this, you can use this electric knife as a foam cutter, making it a great crafting knife.


Build: This is a hard plastic build, lightweight, compact 11.3-inch electric knife. The layer of plastic does not stain easily and remains unbroken even in tough work. Also, there is a built-in side ventilator for heat removal.

Blade: Here, they included a stainless steel blade that does not rust easily and stays sharp for a long time. Also, the blade is attachable and removable. With this blade, you can easily slice meat and bread without any poisonous reaction.

Operation: This electronic knife is so easy to use. Just touch the button to activate it and control it as your need.
Handle: Proctor Silex provided an ergonomic design handle to ensure you can work with both hands with great comfort. Also, controlling is very much easy to have a slice and carve cuts.

Vibration: As there is no extra handle on this electric knife, you will feel a vibration while cutting, but the handle design is so calculated that it won’t slip out of hand or go out of control.

Cord: They provided an extra-long 60inch quality cable which doesn’t damage easily and helps to work from distant places.

What We Like

  • Slices quickly and accurately
  • Lightweight and comfortable to hold
  • Effortlessly slice large brisket
  • Easy-to-use trigger control
  • Extra-long cord
  • Had heat removing ventilator


Not suitable for crusty bread

A Complete Buying Guide Of Electric Knife for Brisket

An electric knife is a food-related and as well as an electric item. As it is used to slice different foods, it could affect the food without a proper quality blade. Also, as it is running on electricity, it can cause an accident without proper safety features.

For that, while buying or choosing an electric knife for brisket, you have to consider or look at some major features so that these types of things do not happen.


The blade material should be stainless steel. This ensures not just the durability but ensures it does not react with food and poison it. Then look at the blade design and size; reciprocating serrated blades are great for slicing brisket. This ensures continuous cutting, and long blades are great for slicing brisket.


Ergonomic handles are best not just for this electric knife but also for all types of knives. This design handles grips well and ensures great control over the knife. Also, the advantage of an ergonomic handle is that you can use it with both hands no matter which hand you use for cutting,


In an electric knife, there should be a safety lock feature. This helps to lock the blade while not using the knife, reducing accidents.
There should be a heat ventilation hole in an electric knife to reduce or put out heat while using the knife.


Quality cord matters as the electricity pass through it, so always try to get a quality corded electric knife. Also, try to get a long corded electric knife so that you can work from your comfortable place.


For an electric knife, the more you invest, you will get a better and quality electric knife and blade with more functions to make slices and carve cutting effortlessly. You can also choose one of them I reviewed, where you get a variety of functions or features at different prices.

Can I use an electric knife to trim all fats off from brisket?

Most of the time, you don’t need to cut all fats from brisket because while cooking, it melts away, but if you really want, yes, you can use an electric knife to trim almost all fats off from brisket.
With the continuous forth and back movement of the blade, you just have to move it through the surface, and it will cut or remove the fats easily.

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How long should a brisket knife be?

A brisket knife should be 10 to 11 inches long because long knives help to slice brisket at a time and ensure straight cuts.

Do you use a serrated knife to cut brisket?

Yes, I use a serrated knife to cut brisket. These serrated blade knives come with a very long sharp edge and large teeth; they are excellent for slicing brisket.


Electric knives are one of the great innovations of this modern world. They help with slicing and carving without putting pressure on your hand; with effortless cutting, this electric knife is usable for a long time and provides the exact same quality result.

In this article, the electric knives I reviewed are full of features and qualities to provide you with the best slicing and carving. So, I hope you get all the product’s point-to-point details to choose the best electric knife for brisket.

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