Best Electric Food Steamer: Tasted Then Reviewed!

In this modern world, people are finding the easy and most convenient way to cook food to save time and get healthier food as well. For that, there is no alternative option for electric food streamers.

Nowadays, different brands manufacture it with various functions at various prices. This makes the customers or the buyers confused about which one would be the best for their needs and price.

I tasted some electric food steamers to solve that, and I picked 5 best electric food steamers from them.
Here in this article, I will review the 5 best electric food steamers with their features and advantages to provide you a full overview to get the best one.

Best Electric Food Steamer
Top 03 electric food steamer of 2022

5 Best Electric Food Steamer Review – Read Before You Buy!

An electric food steamer is food-related, and also it is an electric item. As for food-related, it can affect food nutrition and electricity; it can cause an accident if it is vulnerable. While buying or choosing an electric food steamer, you have to look at some points or features to get the best such as the capacity, versatility, water reload, functions, etc.

Oster 5712 Electric Food Steamer

Oster 5712 is a 2 tier white color food steamer from Oster. It’s a powerful steamer with a 6.1-quart capacity to cook healthy and delicious food at home. Also, the easy operating functions make it really easy to use.

This package provided a base, 2.3-quarts, a 3.8-quart steaming bowl, one manual, and a recipe book. You can easily steam fish, meat, vegetables, and more with this.

Features Oster Electronic Food Steamer Offers

Good Looking Design

Oster 5712 is a plastic body white color food steamer. The body is lightweight and compact to move or place anywhere easily. The 2 tier steam bowl is transparent to watch the food while cooking; also, the bowls are integrated with side handles for better grip and heat resistance.

6 Quart Capacity

This is a 6-quart capacity food steamer with 2-tier different steaming bowls to cook two different foods at one time without any cross-over flavor. You can easily cook 8 eggs or 10 cups of rice in a large steam bowl.

900 Watt Powerful steam Function

This Oster food steamer had a 900-watt heating element; this enables the instant steam function and helps to heat the water quickly to generate steam instantly.

External Water reload System

This food steamer has an external water-filling system so that you can add water during the steaming process. Also, there is a water level indicator on the body to monitor the water level.
Led lights provided a led display and push-button control panel on the body. Where the red light indicator is for cooking green indicator of keeping warm and ready signal.


This food steam had a max cooking timer of 95 minutes; you can select a timer as your need. Also, cooking can be delayed for up to 12 hours. The advanced feature is the keep warm settings; it will maintain an ideal serving temperature for up to one hour, making it a user-friendly food steamer.

Why I Like It

  • 6.1-quart huge capacity
  • 2 different size steaming bowl
  • Exterior water-fill inlet
  • Exterior water-level indicator
  • Can be delayed for 12+ hours
  • Easy-to-clean design


Sometimes On/Off button responds late

T-fal VC1338 Compact Electric Food Steamer

T-fal VC1338 is a 4-quart capacity long-size electric food steamer from T-fal. It’s a compact size food steamer with a lightweight body for easy moving or storage.
They gave a food steamer in the package with 2 same sizes 2 quarts bowl. One can easily steam meat, fish, seafood, and vegetables in these two separate bowls.

Features T-fal Electric Food Steamer Offers


T-fal VC1338 is a silver color plastic body food steamer. This steamer is designed in 2-quart tiers for a complete meal. The bowls are designed transparently for having an inside view while cooking and integrated on all sides with a round handle.


This is a 2-tier 4-quart capacity steamer. The 2-tier 2 different bowl gives you the advantage of cooking 2 different foods at one time without mixing the flavor with each other.

Powerful steam

As the compact size, this steamer ensures great heating to heat the water instantly and start steaming fast to cook food perfectly.

Led display

This T-fal steamer had a led display that shows the timer you set for cooking. On the side of the led display, you get a plus-minus button for setting the cooking time and a comfortable on/off button.


While the cooking operation, you can set a timer of a max of 60 minutes. So, just set the timer on the switch and do whatever other works you have.

Why I Like It

  • Long size 4-quart capacity steamer
  • 2-quart tiers for a complete meal
  • Can easily fold from long to low
  • Lightweight and easily cleanable design
  • Digital controls with a max 60-minute timer
  • One-year limited warranty


  • Does not have an Exterior water-fill inlet
  • Steam is a little bit later than what they advertised.

BUYDEEM G563 5-Quart Electric Food Steamer for Cooking

BUYDEEM G563 is a premium quality modern design electric food steamer from BUYDEEM. This multifunctional digital steamer had a huge storage capacity or wide area and the power to cook vegetables, fish, chicken, rice, etc.

Features Buydeem Electric Food Steamer Offers


This steamer is made with stainless steel with a modern look. This steamer is designed in 5 different layers or parts. Any parts will not react with food and keep food nutritious and fresh.


This multifunctional steamer had 5-quart storage. Where you get 2 stew pots and a steamer tray to keep a ceramic plate to cook all your food at once, these are very convenient and easy to use.

Powerful steam

This electronic steamer had a 1500W heating element to start steaming quickly. The steam power is so huge that you can steam fish perfectly without cutting its heads or tails.


This steamer comes with auto power-off protection. As if the water level is low or there is no water, it will pause or shut down the power automatically to ensure burn-free cooking.

Water reload

While cooking, you can easily add water. On both sides, there are filling caps, just open the caps and fill the water with no need to remove the reservoir. Also, there is a large water window to view the water level.

Led display

It comes with a bright led display that shows the timer you set for cooking and shows are you in steam mode or slow cooking mode.


Operating is so much easy. Turning this on it will start producing steam within 1 minute. The timer gives you the advantage of walking away while cooking; just set it and do whatever you want.


It has convenient 2 modes; one is a steam mode, and the other is a slow cooking mode to ensure all-around cooking and makes it a value for money food steamer.

Why I Like It

  • Had an extra-wide steam area
  • Ability to produce steam quickly within 1 min
  • Can easily fill water during cooking
  • Has dual auto power-off protection functions.
  • Lightweight and space-saving
  • 30 days money back and 1-year warranty.


No audible alert

A/C 3 Tier Stackable Baskets Food Steamer For Cooking

This is a 9.5 quart long 3-tier electric steamer from A/C. On the stainless steel base, they give a programmable digital timer with an easily exterior water-fill inlet to make it convenient to cook or steam food in any situation.

Features A/C Stackable Food Steamer Offers


They designed a brushed stainless steel strong base. Where it holds 3 tires BPA-free plastic baskets, those are integrated with a rounded handle for better grip.


This 9.5-quart food steamer had a huge capacity for steaming any kind of food. Also, the 3 different steaming tier basket gives the advantage of cooking food at one time without any cross-over flavor.

Powerful steam

This is an 800W powerful steamer cooker. This powers the cooker instantly and starts steaming the water within 15 seconds. Also, steam 3 tiers perfectly.

Water reload

There are 2 sided entrances on the body to add water to the cooker during cooking. Also, had a visual water level indicator to view the water level.


This comes with a 60-minute programmable digital timer. Use the knob to set the timer at your suitable time. Also, the timers are indicated side of the knob to set the exact time easily.


With the user-friendly design, this cooker ensures overheating and dry heating protection and shuts off automatically if water runs out. This makes it easy to use and affordable food steamer.

Why I Like It

  • Hold up to 9.5 quarts of food capacity
  • Had a build-in 60-minute timer
  • Overheating and dry heating protection
  • BPA-Free Steamer Baskets
  • Each tier had 6 egg holding option
  • Produce steam in only 15 seconds
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe


No led display

BELLA 2 Tier Food Steamer for Fast Simultaneous Cooking

This is a two-tier extra-wide steam area food steamer from BELLA to ensure healthy and fast simultaneous cooking. With the quick-start heating system and timer indicated knob makes this cooker user-friendly for steaming meat, fish, shellfish, vegetables, and gains.

Features Bella Electric Food Steamer Offers


The base is made of steel, and it is designed to hold 2 separate steaming containers. The containers are designed transparently to see the other side of the container and reduce guess-free cooking.


This is a 7.4 quarts extra-wide steam area food steamer. 7.4-quart storage separated into 2 steaming containers to cook full meal separately at a time without mixing flavors with one another.

Powerful steam

This food steamer has a powerful steaming system that instantly steams the water for nearly 30 seconds and steams perfectly.

Water reload

On both sides of the body, had a water cap to fill water even while cooking without interacting with cooking. Also, it had a visual water indicator on the steel body.


The instant of the led display or button, there is the convenient knob. Using the knob clockwise, you can start the cooking and set the timer as your need.


BELLA food steamer comes with auto shut off and dry protection. While the water runs out, it shuts off the power automatically.

Why I Like It

  • Steam instantly and cook fast
  • Extra-wide steam area food steamer
  • Window to monitor the water level
  • Had side caps for adding water while steaming
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe


  • No warm setting
  • No led display

A Complete Buying Guide of Electric Food Steamers

An electric food steamer is food-related, and also it is an electric item. As for food-related, it can affect food nutrition and electricity; it can cause an accident if it is vulnerable. While buying or choosing an electric food steamer, you have to look at some points or features to get the best such as the capacity, versatility, water reload, functions, etc.

First, look at those made by popular brands or those used by people most and find these features to get the best electric food steamer.


Size depends on your own how much or how many different foods you want to cook or steam on a food steamer. The bigger the size you get, you can cook or steam more items or food at a time. 5 or 6-quart food steamers are the best and standard.
Then find a 2 or 3-tier steamer so that you can cook multiple items at a time without mixing the flavors. Also, the 2 or 3 tier is the standard size for a food steamer.


Choose a food steamer that can do both cooking and steam, which means it can be used as a rice cooker and a food steamer at the same time to prepare your favorite dish. This will help you to prepare all your regular work easily, and it becomes convenient to use.

Water Reload

In a food steamer, find that there are side caps for adding water; it makes the cooking or steaming convenient without interrupting the cooking. There is no option to fill water while cooking, and you have to stop cooking and fill the water; then again, you have to start cooking.


The most important function is the timer. Nowadays, a food steamer does not look convenient without a pre-programmed timer. Setting the timer for your food, you can do other work without worries.

Led display on the food steamer makes it more convenient to use as you can see how much time you set and how much time is left.

There should be an option for an automatic shut-off function. Because while it runs out of water or finishing steam, it will automatically turn off and won’t burn or extra cook your food.


Price plays a great factor in the sector of the electric item or for a food stream. The more you invest or spend, the more you will get a more functional and quality product. Here I give different prices 5 different food steamers with less or greater functions, and you can choose one of those.

Is an Electric Steamer Good for Health?

If you want to consider that health is the first priority then yes, an electric food steamer is healthier as it boils the meats, fish, and vegetables from the steam of the water. Of course, you have heard about the boiling point of water. At 100 degrees Celcius, a large number of germs have got themselves killed. An electric food steamer does the same thing. At the same time, it does not damage the food’s nutrition and keeps it fresh.
Note: It can be unhealthier if the material of the electric steamer is up to the mark, it can react with the food.

Are Steamers Good for Cooking?

Steamers are really good for cooking. You can cook meat, fish, egg, shellfish, grains, and vegs easily in a steamer. Cooking these won’t lose the food’s flavors, nutrition, and textures, as you can maintain the amount of heat. An automatic shut-off button plays a heroic role in this case. When the pot runs out of water, it will give you an indication by switching off the power by itself. There is hardly any chance to precook or overcook your food in an electric food steamer.


As we all agree that a quality product or a food steamer always provides you with a portion of healthier and fresh food. For that, most of the food steamers I reviewed in this article are well full of features and qualities than the others in the market or other platforms.

So I hope you get the products I reviewed and understand how to choose the best electric food steamer for daily or occasional usage.

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